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1. Apologies for absence


2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Luke George will be presented with his honorary membership at the Presentation Evening. In total around £1200 was raised with £900 of this going to Diabetes UK. All those who had paid for the Bristol weekend have now been refunded.

3. Phil Carder

The closing date for the Phil Carder Goal of the Season award is on Friday 17th April and there has been an excellent response so far. Churchtown Cricket Club will be in contact about a possible date for a cricket match in the summer. Bill will look into a plaque for the office and has also ordered a replacement trophy for the Goal of the Season award. Progress with the celebration wall is ongoing.

4. Finances Report

Steady progress is being made and it is hoped that full access to the bank account for the new signatories will be granted in the next week. Thanks to Colin's efforts the FCA have been kept in touch with the changed at the Trust and all creditors have now been paid. The £15,000 in the Cambridge & Counties 30 day notice account will be left where it is for now.

5. Membership

There has been very little change in what is a slow time of the year for membership. The Trust were, however pleased to welcome its first Polish member last week.

6. End of season Awards and Presentation Evening

The evening will start at around 5.30pm following the Grimsby match to allow the players to get changed etc. Noel will sort out the sound system with James and Nicola. A running order will be organised once the awards to be presented have been finalised. The Trust have received reassurances from the club that there should be no issues with regards to the extraordinary away following expected from Grimsby.

7. Other Trust Activities including outline of programme of events for next season

The 04/05 reunion will hopefully take place on one of the first couple of Sundays in August. This will be publicised at least 2 months in advance allowing proper arrangements to be made. The programme of events for next season will be launched at the Presentation Evening and dates will be booked as soon as next season's fixtures have been released. There will be a special event next Spring to celebrate the Trust’s 10th birthday.

8. Relations with the club

As usual the level of communication received from the club has been very poor. The issue of safety with the current floodlights was raised with over 2000 fans expected from Grimsby next week. It was agreed that because of the difficulties with the floodlights project, in the future the Trust would only want to be involved in projects over which it had control.

9. Coach Travel

A coach will definitely be running to Bristol but whether one runs to Welling will almost certainly depend on the importance of the match. For next season an acceptable level of tolerance for losses will be agreed to ensure that expenses don't get out of control. The coach to Altrincham ran at a small profit. Martin will send out for the usual quotes from coach companies for next season's fixtures.

10. Any other business

Ben Highton is running the Southport Half Marathon on Sunday 5th July and is very kindly donating all sponsorship monies to the Trust. Forms will be available in the Trust office.

11. Next meetings

Tuesday 5th May - Board

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1. Apologies for Absence.

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

3. Phil Carder

4. Finances Report.

5. Membership.

6. End of season Awards and Presentation Evening.

7. Other Trust Activities including outline of programme of events for next season

8. Relations with the club.

9. Coach Travel.

10. Any other business.

11. Next meetings.

a) Board b) Members'.

The meeting will commence at 7.30pm in the Grandstand Bar.

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Bookings are being taken for the Trust in Yellow coach to Southport's away match at Bristol Rovers on Saturday 11th April.

The coach departs the Merseyrail Community Stadium, Haig Avenue, at 8am, with a fare of £27 members, £14 juniors if paid in advance.

To book, call Alan Scarisbrick on 07980911693 or visit the Trust office at the Telford match on Easter Monday.

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The compilation is now complete with many thanks to Cameraman Matthew Martin.

Watch the video below and then vote for your best goal of the season by e-mailing

More details are below.

Every year, the Goal of the Season award is run by Trust in Yellow.

The death of Trust treasurer Phil Carder in January brought huge sadness to everyone involved with the Trust and the club in general.

Phil's contribution to the Trust was immense and to recognise his work, the Goal of the Season award has been renamed in his memory.

A new trophy has been commissioned and this season is the first time that the winning player will be presented with the Phil Carder Trophy.

The Trust is very pleased that Phil's family have agreed to come along and make the presentation of the new trophy after the final home match of the season against Grimsby Town.

As usual supporters can vote for your favourite goal via e-mail to Rob Urwin e-mail address

Please put GOAL OF THE SEASON in the subject header.

Put the letter of the goal of your choice, include your name and your vote will register.

Voting closes at 6pm on Friday April 17th.

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The next Members' meeting will take place on Tuesday 7th April starting at 7.30pm in the Grandstand Bar. A full agenda will be posted over the weekend.
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