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About the Trust

Trust in Yellow was officially formed on the 26th April 2006 by a group of supporters of Southport Football Club disgruntled by a lack of supporter involvement and a growing rift between the board of directors and it's supporters. During the six months which preceded the group had spent time carefully constructing working relationships with the supporters, board of directors, playing staff and media. Whilst wholly independent Trust in Yellow works closely with Southport Football Club to achieve their individual and respective objectives.

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Especially during the ITV Digital affair, Trusts acquired a perception in many people’s minds that they were fundraising bodies who could work better at augmenting meagre club funds. The necessities of that situation meant that this was an operational priority for many trusts. Furthermore, the need to entrench their power through share ownership makes raising money a big issue. However, money is always a means to an end, the end being supporter involvement.

Often, people associated with a club will wish for a Trust as they have heard from other clubs how much money their trust has raised. The active support of a club can be very helpful, so an interest from there is always an opportunity. However, too close a relationship can create a perception that the Trust is merely a fundraising front for the club, which regardless of how the well thought of the club is by many fans, it fails to engage with the ‘middle ground’ who can be brought on board.

If club officials make contact, it is important to support their contention that the Trust could benefit their budgets, but to also get across that the trusts that bring those benefits do so because fans are willing to put money into it. They do this in greater numbers when they believe that the Trust is a genuinely new approach to club-supporter relations, not a new marketing scheme. The club may be non-committal about this, but it is important they are clear from the off about it.

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What we are

What we are...

Democratic – The Board running the organisation must be democratic, subject to regular elections, regular meetings and communicating with the members

Critical Friends
– We should avoid knee-jerk solutions and statements, and simple oppositional. Where the club is doing well, we should not be afraid to say so. When we are doing poorly, we should also point this out, but in a constructive way, offering solutions rather than just criticism.

Seeking Ownership – Trusts want to have ownership of as much as the club as is feasible, and should be looking to extend this to the maximum it is sensible to pursue at any given time. They want to cement their rights into the fabric of the club, by being involved at the basic level of legal ownership.

Seeking Involvement – Trusts want involvement at the highest levels. This does not mean they will not comment on more mundane matters, but they should always be stressing that theirs is a vision that is as much strategic as contingent.

– Trusts want to build relationships and understand the value of good personal contacts, but also wish to cement their involvement in the structures of the club. They recognise that involvement based solely on the good relationship with existing club officials is vulnerable as those officials often leave the club.

Not-for-profit – None of the people involved gain financially from their involvement at the Trust; they are keen to stress that their involvement is a function of being committed to the values underpinning the Trust, not personal gain.

Inclusive – Anyone can join the Trust, as long as they are a fan of the club, and share the values underpinning it. They have no truck with sectarianism, racism, xenophobia or other forms of discrimination.

Sustainable- The vision underpinning them is medium-to-long term. Their platform is about how the club can be run in the future and be a better club for it.

What we are not...

Single-issue protest group – Whilst issues might arise which a Trust takes a position on, they always relate their stance to a wider vision. If a group has, for example, a desire to remove the current Chairman or President, then once they have achieved this aim, they lose momentum and fade away. In addition, totemic issues like this tend to polarise as much as unite.

Fundraising Body - Trusts often raise money to enable them to buy shares in the club, but they do not simply hand the money over to the club. They ensure that they get something in return, over and above the goodwill of having given the club money. It needs to be remembered that a supporters’ trust is different to a clubs Official Supporters Club whose aims are to raise funds for the club.

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Minutes Of Society Board Meeting - 9th July

In attendance: Paul I, Alan D, Alan J, Phil C, Alan S, Rob U, Julia U, Andy K, Martin R, Bill S.

Apologies Paul G

Invited attendees: Haydn Preece, Anita Shaw(reserve team secretary), Matthew(Junior co-ordinator via Facebook)

Facebook coordinator Matthew put forward several ideas he suggested for promoting the juniors around the town particularly at his school, Birkdale High. He has already approached the headmaster about the club sending in representatives to present at an assembly and Haydn said it would not be an issue for Alan and Matty to go in and if Matthew could provide some dates with the headmaster, then he would arrange for them to come in, give away some tickets and promote the club.

Matthew also queried Haydn on the pricing structure for Juniors, stating it was far too expensive and not in sync with the other prices and asked TIY to push the point with Charlie as there was still a chance that something could be done prior to the season.

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New Sign At Station

Merseytravel in conjunction with Trust In Yellow and Southport Football Club have erected an advertising sign on Southport Station which the Trust and Club will be using to advertise forthcoming matches and events. The sign is just outside the ticket barriers on Southport Station and over the next few weeks it will be put to good use with posters advertising Pre-Season Friendlies and Family Funday being put on display.

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