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Minutes of Trust in Yellow Members’ Meeting - Thursday 1 December

Apologies: Rob U, Paul I.


Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

The former players’ reunion on 9 October was a real success both as an event and from a fundraising perspective. The Trust will look into a way of thanking Geoff Wilde for his considerable help in organising the event. The Trust is unsure whether it will be proceeding with the brochure in memory of Sally Devine and a decision will be made shortly.

Treasurer’s Report

The Trust’s balance is currently £21,229, which includes £507 held for future coach trips. Net funds available to the Trust are £20,722.

The main source of income since the last meeting has been the former players’ reunion, raising a net profit of £1,610, which includes £600 through the auction for the shirt signed by the players who attended the event. £1,665 has been brought in through memberships since the start of July, while the race night raised £664.

Steve Wignall was thanked for his continued contribution to the pledge scheme. Steve has given £300 to the Trust so far this season for the goals scored by Simon Grand. It was mutually agreed that the pledge for the goal at Kettering Town should be donated to Help for Heroes as it fell on Remembrance weekend.

The Trust supported the club’s recent Sportsman’s Dinner by buying four tickets which were balloted to members.

As it would appear there is no immediate call for the Trust’s funds, it has been decided that £10,000 will be transferred to a term deposit for nine months. The money will earn around £150 in interest during that period at a rate of 2%, compared to 0.5% in its existing deposit account.


The past few months have seen an increase in family memberships and a steady rise in new members and lapsed memberships being renewed. The Trust currently has 229 members.

Floodlights project

The Trust is disappointed with the amount of progress made by the club on this project and the lack of communication received. The Trust recently asked for an update from Charlie Clapham, who explained that he hopes the floodlights will be in place for the start of next season. The Trust hopes to arrange a meeting with him shortly.

The Trust had been told that the club’s application for a grant was due to be considered by the Football Foundation in October but it is not clear whether this has yet been submitted. From the point of view of fundraising especially, the Trust is keen to see that progress is made quickly and a clearer timescale provided.

Sponsored run to Grimsby

The meeting was addressed by Colin Aindow, who will be completing a sponsored run from Southport to the final match of the season at Grimsby Town on 28 April. Funds will be raised for Trust in Yellow and Help for Heroes. Colin went through details of the run and his intended preparations. The Trust greatly appreciates Colin’s efforts and will support him with his preparations and fundraising.

Fundraising / other events

No future fundraising events are currently planned but it is hoped that a number of projects can be arranged to tie in with the floodlights project once the likely time frame becomes clearer.

Coach travel including the weekend trip to Braintree

36 bookings have been made for the weekend visit to Braintree Town on 11 February. The cost of the coach will be £27.50 per person if full and Martyn O is currently obtaining final quotes from a number of hotels. It is hoped that the full package can be arranged for less than £100 each.

Several options are available, such as staying for two nights in Southend or splitting the trip with one night in Clacton-on-Sea. The Trust will try to fill the coach and then gauge which option is most popular.

Report from Supporters Direct meeting

A recent Supporters Direct meeting held by Rochdale Hornets RLFC was attended by Martin R and Phil C. The rules and policies which govern supporters’ trusts are due to be revised and reapproved over the next six months. The Trust will provide an overview of the proposed changes for members to consider.

Any other business

As a way of recognising the team’s achievements so far this season, it was suggested that the Trust could look into a way of thanking the players for their efforts.

The Trust has been in contact with supporter Graham Whitham regarding possible improvements to ways of marketing the club. The Trust will invite Graham and Haydn Preece to the next board meeting. While it is felt that the job of marketing should be the responsibility of the club, the Trust would certainly be willing to assist.

Rob and Julia Urwin were thanked for their efforts in arranging the former players’ reunion.

Next meeting

5 January (board), 26 January (members).

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Coach to Wrexham

The coach to Wrexham will leave Haig Avenue at 5pm and the fare is £11 for members. To book your place call into the TIY office on Saturday or phone Alan Scarisbrick on 07980 911693.

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Agenda for Thursday's Members' Meeting. 1st December

1. Apologies for Absence
2. Minutes of last meeting and Matters arising
3. Treasurer’s report
4. Membership
5. Floodlights Project.
6. Sponsored run to Grimsby.
7. Fundraising/Other events.
8. Coach Travel including weekend trip to Braintree.
9. Report from Supporters Direct meeting.
10.Any other business
11. Dates of next meetings.
The meeting starts at 7.30pm in the Grandstand Bar.
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Thank you to everyone who placed a bid for the shirt signed by all the former players and managers who attended the recent former players' reunion.

The highest bid made was £600. Another bid was received 45 minutes after the deadline but in fairness to everyone who had taken part the dealing of 9pm on Saturday was adhered to.

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The shirt signed by all the former players and managers at the recent player reunion organised by Trust in Yellow goes up for auction from today.

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