Society Board Meetings

Minutes of Trust Board meeting on 14th September, 2011

Apologies: Bill S, Martyn O, Paul I.


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Minutes of Board Meeting. 24th February

Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 24 February

Apologies: Paul I

1.Minutes of previous meeting

The Trust has looked into the possibility of publishing a brochure in memory of Sally Devine with a collection of her photographs. The likely cost of printing 200 brochures is £660 if laminated, £360 non-laminated. There are many photos which the Trust does not currently have and further enquiries about obtaining these will be made before deciding whether to publish a brochure.

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Minutes of T.I.Y. Board meeting ---Thursday, 25th November

Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 25 November

 Apologies: Paul I, Bill S, Nick C

 1.Minutes of previous meeting

No matters arising

 1.Treasurer’s report

Phil C reported the Trust’s current balance stands at £9,740.58. The annual FSA registration fee of £55 has been paid and “next match” signs up to 3 January have been bought at a cost of £325 for the season to date. The Trust has run seven coach trips so far this season at a total loss of £120.

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Minutes of TIY Board Meeting 4th August

Present:- Alan Scarisbrick; Phil Carder; Ben Kelly; Julia Urwin; Alan Jones; Rob Urwin;  Nick Catterall; Andy Kelly; Martin Robinson; Martyn O’Hara

1.Apologies for absence    Bill Sloan, Paul Isenwater

2.Minutes from previous meeting.  Read and accepted. No matters arising that weren’t to be covered elsewhere on the agenda.

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Minutes of T.I.Y. Board Meeting - Thursday 10th June 2010



Phil opened the meeting with details regarding the financial situation of the Trust.

The current balance currently stands at £12,700.

TIY had paid £300 to reserve a table at the Championship Dinner at Floral Hall to be sold on to members

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