Society Board Meetings

Minutes of Society Board Meeting - 5th February 2009

Present: Paul Isenwater, Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Alan Drury, Alan Scarisbrick, Phil Carder, Martin Robinson
Apologies: Alan Jones, Paul Glendenning

Matters arising from previous minutes:
Harrogate letter- the trust has received a reply back from the conference, but no response from Harrogate. The reply from the conference acknowledged the letter and advised that all the clubs had received notification on standard procedures for this kind of event. Phil had drafted a follow up letter, which was signed by Alan Scarisbrick and will be forwarded to Harrogate.
Flyers- the trust have received a copy of an order form, but no invoice.

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Minutes Of Society Board Meeting -4th September

Apologies: Peter Rigby, Alan Jones, Alan Drury

Matters from Previous meeting not covered in agenda – John Siddle has asked if he can personally put forward his case for reduced travel costs at the next open meeting. The committee have no issues with this and welcome John to put forward his case. It was noted that John’s membership was about to relapse and that a renewal would be necessary to consider any proposal.


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Minutes Of Society Board Meeting - July 10th 2008

Att: Paul Isenwater, Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Phil Carder, Alan Drury, Alan Scarisbrick, Paul Glendenning, Andy Kelly, Martin Robinson, Alan Jones, Peter Rigby

Alan Jones and Peter Rigby were invited along to the meeting and were elected onto the committee. Alan advised that he may have difficulty attending some of the meetings due to university studies.

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