Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 19 September

Apologies: None.

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Rob U will speak to Dan Hayes about the best ways to revamp the website.


2. Treasurer’s Report

The Trust’s current balance stands at £25,582, with net funds available totalling £25,572.

Membership renewals since the beginning of June have raised just over £1,100. A donation of £1,400 (plus £100 paid direct by James Treadwell) has been made to Macmillan Cancer Support from the sale of the pre-season kits.

Payment of £150 has been made for the sponsorship of Danny Hurst and next match signs for the first six home games have cost £145. The Trust is waiting to receive an invoice for the Player of the Month award trophies.

A loss of £222 has been made on the first five coach trips of the season.

No payments have been made for the sponsorship of the club’s match updates service since the end of last season. It would appear that there is now a free package which can be used by the club but the Trust will continue to support the service.

It was agreed that £15,000 would be invested in a nine-month term deposit with an interest rate of just over 1 per cent.


3. Memberships

The current membership of 214 includes 36 renewals and seven new members who have joined since August.


4. Coach travel

No coach will run to the matches at Lincoln City and Braintree Town. There are currently 12 fans booked on the coach to Dartford and a decision on whether the coach runs will be made after the match against Alfreton Town.

Members will be able to travel to the games at Wrexham and Macclesfield Town for a special offer £18. Non-members will be charged the usual price of £29.


5. Support for the club’s community schemes

A mascot costume for the new Yellow Bird Club can be bought for £445 plus VAT. The VAT will be reclaimed by the club. After consulting with members at the AGM, it was agreed that the Trust will purchase the costume for this price.

After consulting with members at the AGM the Trust board is willing in principle to support the club’s schools coaching project. Martin R will speak to Haydn about possible arrangements for this.

The heart monitors have been sold on behalf of the club for £275. Many thanks to Colin A for his hard work over several months. It had previously been agreed that the proceeds would go towards buying a water hog, with the balance being covered by the Trust. The cost will be confirmed and the club will then be asked to order the water hog on the Trust’s behalf.


6. Lotteries

Phil C has obtained details for contacts at Southport Rugby Club and S&B Cricket Club. Contact will now be made with a view to discussing the possibility of a joint lottery scheme.


7. Forthcoming social events

The Race Night will take place on 2 November after the Cambridge United match and the players will be in attendance.

The club will be approached about setting up a fans’ forum with Charlie Clapham and Haydn Preece arranged by the Trust.

The Trust has been asked about possibly arranging a nostalgia night and further enquiries will be made.


8. Other suggestions for Trust initiatives

The Trust will be looking to arrange a half-time competition for fans and a trial event will take place during the match against Cambridge United.


9. Structure of Trust board

Katrina Taylor and Christian Holder have joined the Trust board. Committee members will be given action points to complete for the next meeting.


10. Any other business

The Trust board has been told that Barclays are willing to be approached to consider match funding  any future charity fundraising TIY organises..


11. Date of next meeting

24 October (members).

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