Minutes of T.I.Y. Board meeting ---Thursday, 25th November

Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 25 November

 Apologies: Paul I, Bill S, Nick C

 1.Minutes of previous meeting

No matters arising

 1.Treasurer’s report

Phil C reported the Trust’s current balance stands at £9,740.58. The annual FSA registration fee of £55 has been paid and “next match” signs up to 3 January have been bought at a cost of £325 for the season to date. The Trust has run seven coach trips so far this season at a total loss of £120.

 2. Memberships

The Trust’s membership has increased in recent weeks and currently stands at around the 220 mark. A number of renewals and new memberships were taken around the time of the Sheffield Wednesday match.

 3. Progress of joint long-term project with the club

The Trust has been in contact with Charlie Clapham, and the date for a meeting between members from the Trust and club boards has been provisionally set for 8 January. Mr Clapham has advised that he intends to contact floodlight companies prior to the meeting and has made enquiries into the possible grants available. At this stage, he believes the likely cost of a four-column system would be in the region of £60,000 to £80,000.

 From the information available, it would seem that clubs at step one of the Non-League have access to greater amounts of funding, so now would be the time to apply for any grant. The Trust will send a copy of this information to Mr Clapham although realising he is probably aware of it already.

 4.Players’ Reunion, 2011

The Trust has been invited to run this event, which has taken place every 10 years. Traditionally the event has been reserved for the club’s former Football League players, and the Trust has been asked for it to remain this way.

 While the Trust is keen to run the event, it will only do so on the basis that it is open to supporters and preferably players from the Non-League era. Due to the amount of planning involved and arrangements with the Floral Hall, a decision needs to be reached by the time of the next meeting. Geoff Wilde will be consulted before the Trust makes a final decision on whether it runs the event.

 5. Coach Travel

The prices for the coach to the FA Trophy match at Gateshead on 11 December are £24 members, £29 non-members, if paid in advance.

 Members will be able to travel to both the matches at Fleetwood and Barrow over the festive period for the special offer price of £20. It was decided against including the trip to Bath as part of a three-match special offer package.

 The suggestion that the Trust could look to arrange a weekend travel package to the Eastbourne match on 5 March including accommodation was discussed and will be explored.

 8. AOB

Mark Parr has been approached to see if his company would be willing to produce special key rings to tie in with the Trust’s floodlights project, which would also help raise funds for the scheme. Costs will be discussed with Mark Parr.

 At the next open meeting, members will be asked for any questions they have in relation to the club’s recent FA Cup windfall, which the board then intends to put to the club.

 9. Date of next meeting                 9 December (members).

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