Open Meetings

Minutes Of Meeting - 19/06/08

Att 29
Committee members present: Paul G, Alan S, Rob U, Paul I, Julia U, Alan D, Phil C, Andy K.
Apologies sent on behalf of Brian & Carol Kipps

The meeting was opened with invitations to take the role of chair

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Minutes Of Meeting - 24/04/08

Att 21
Apologies: Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Andy Kelly
Committee present: Paul I, Paul G, Jon OB, Paul OB, Phil C, Alan S, Alan D

Membership – the total number of members since the inception is 399 of which Gary Brabin is the latest
Finances – the bank account stands at £10,024 and this includes the payment of £726 to SFC for the new speakers for the PA System. Coach travel is showing a loss of £651 of which £312 is offset through the golden goal. The events at the Grandstand club have raised £824 of which £300 has been donated to charity and approximately £100 worth of equipment has been purchased. We have been advised by James Treadwell that the accounts will be finalised and available by 19th May and on that basis the AGM has been set for Thursday 29th May.
Andy Davis has asked not be put up for re-election and the attendees thanked Andy for his contribution.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 20/03/08

Att 20
All 11 committee members present

Membership – 398 different people have joined the trust of which 255 currently are members.
Finances – the account balance stands at £9909 and the charity money raised through the band night has now been paid out. James has provisionally signed off the accounts although he requires ID from though who have signed the constitution with reference to the money laundering rules now in place. A final version of the accounts will be available shortly and will enable us to arrange an AGM at the end of the season.
Coach travel is at a loss of £679 for the season offset by £224 made by the golden goal. However with a full coach to Telford, we expect the deficit to be reduced by about £120. The Telford coach is part of a promotion with the Solihull trip and there is also a coach arranged for the cup final at Leyland.
Defibrillator – John Price who helps out in the first aid room on match days and works for Mersey Regional Ambulance Service came along to advise on a defibrillator machine and the benefits it can bring to anyone suffering a cardiac arrest. John advised that costs varied, but the catalogue he looked at, quoted around £2000. The pads were approximately £25 each and can be purchased in adult and paediatric sizes. He advised they were mains chargeable and recommended the semi automatic model. Concerns were raised about storage and security due to the value. There were also issues over who could use it and what certificates are required, the cost these involve and how often the machine would need to be re-calibrated and the cost involved in this.
There is a possibility of funding available for this.
The plan is to get some quotes and costing for future as well as checking with other clubs at equivalent levels to see if they have this machine. Paul G to follow this up and bring details to a future meeting.

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Minutes Of Meeting 29/02/08

Att 25
Committee members present: Paul I, Paul G, Andy K, Rob U, Julia U, Jon OB, Paul OB, Andy D, Alan D, Phil C
Apologies Alan S.

Membership – total number of members since start is 392 of which 255 are active members.

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Minutes Of Meeting 24/01/08

Att 22
Committee members: Alan S, Paul I, Andy D, Jon OB, Julia U, Andy K, Paul G, Paul OB, Phil C
Apologies: Rob U, Alan D

Finances – approx £850 was raised through the sponsored walk. The account balance stands at £9486 with sponsored money and band night event money to be added. Payments have been made for office materials, internal PA system and the fitness tests. Phil also advised that we had not received a bill for the sponsored tracksuits for the juniors yet. Phil advised that he had the audit file ready from last year’s accounts and this year’s accounts are due to end on 31st January.
Coach travel – recent turnouts has been disappointing on coaches and there is currently a loss on coach travel of around £400. The next coaches have been well promoted and the discussion about a better quality coach was mooted, but there would be significant additional costs associated with switching. A whiteboard was suggested for the trust office for promotion of the coaches.

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