Open Meetings


The meeting will commence at 7.30pm in the Grandstand Bar. If you can't make it but wish to raise an item for discussion e-mail or pop into the Trust office at the Welling game.

The agenda is as follows:

1. Apologies for Absence.

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

3. Treasurers report

4. Membership.

5. Liaising with local companies

6. Coach Travel.

7. Cooperation with the club(floodlights, community coaching etc)

8. Fundraising(Race Night, Buy a Brick, webshop etc)

9. Other Trust events(Meet the Manager etc)

10. Results of Questionnaire on attendances.

11. Any other business.

12. Dates of next meetings.

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1. Apologies for absence

Phil, Colin.

2. Matters arising from last meeting

All were covered elsewhere on the agenda.

3. Treasurers report

The Trusts balance currently stands at GBP24465. A payment of GBP1500 has been made to the club for primary school coaching and next match signs have cost a total of GBP600 this season. A cheque for GBP200 has been received from The Champion for the use of Julias photos and the six month fixed rate deposit of GBP15000 has now matured gaining GBP130 interest. Sales of the DVD from the players reunion of 2011 continue to generate funds with the function having raised a total of GBP2181 to date.

4. Membership

Bill will be contacting lapsed members in June as this was successful last year in getting people to renew memberships. Once details of the friendly fixtures have been announced arrangements can be made for a table promoting the Trust to be present at one of the home fixtures.

5. Cooperation with the club

New quotes will be given to the Trust shortly regarding contribution for the floodlights as previous estimates received are now out of date. Preliminary work has started on the lights which will be installed in time for the new season. The Trust’s statement issued on the website regarding the departure of John Coleman was largely well received by supporters after widespread discontent about the tone of the statement issued by the club. A further GBP2500 towards community coaching is still waiting on the Trust receiving confirmation about when and where the coaching took place. Following the completion of the floodlight project the Trust wish to meet with the club to discuss future projects. The main aims will be to have a clear goal and to avoid another drawn out scenario such has been present with the floodlights.

6. F.A. Commission Plans

All members present were unanimously against the proposals to introduce B teams into the League structure. A statement expressing the Trust’s opposition will go on the website in due course.

7. Coach Travel

Coaches were run to a total of 15 games last season. The Trust would like to thank Charlie Clapham for subsidising the coaches to Salisbury and Gateshead as well as Arthur and Steve from Elite Travel for their reliable and friendly service. Thanks also to Alan and Phil for organising and running the coaches. Once the new fixtures have been released all coach companies in the area will be canvassed and a weekend trip will be looked into.

8. Fundraising and other events

Several suggestions were made regarding how best to use the 25 yellow balls donated by Alan Drury. These included using them as competition prizes and auctioning them off signed at the Race Night. A suitable location is still being sought for the proposed Buy a Brick scheme and Martin reported that the webshop has raised GBP50 since January. The Trust will also look into hosting a meet the manager session with new manager Martin Foyle.

9. Review of Awards for 2013/14

The Trust will continue to run the Fan Of The Season and the Player Of The Month awards for 2014/15. The players presentation evening following the Easter Monday match against FC Halifax was a success despite being arranged at extremely short notice. It is the Trusts intention to organise a specific awards evening next season regardless of the clubs position on the pitch. The Fan Of The Season award would also be incorporated into this.

10. Any Other business

Alan Scarisbrick reported that former player Darren Brookfield is sadly seriously ill in hospital. All at the Trust wish Darren a full and speedy recovery.

11. Dates of next meetings

Wednesday 11th June - Committee

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1. Apologies for Absence.

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

3. Treasurers report

4. Membership

5. Cooperation with the club

Floodlights, discussion about recent statements by club and Trust about change of manager, future plans for cooperating with club, etc;

6. F.A. Commission Plans

Discussion of the recent proposals, especially the one to create a new division above the Conference. Members views will be passed on to Supporters Direct who represent the Supporters Trust movement

7. Coach Travel.

Plans for coach travel in new season

8. Fundraising and other events.

Including webshop,  buy a brick. gift of 25 footballs; Meet the Manager etc;

9. Review of Awards for 2013/14.

Plans for awards for new season

10. Any Other business.

11. Dates of next meetings

The meeting will take place at 7.30pm in the Vice Presidents bar.

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Southport supporter Andrew Bostwick has been named the first Trust in Yellow Fan of the Season.

Andrew, who is an ever-present at the Merseyrail Community Stadium this season and a regular at the Sandgrounders’ away games, was announced as the award-winner at the final home match of the season against FC Halifax Town on Monday.

He was presented with a signed home shirt and a trophy having been nominated by his daughter Sophie.

“My dad has brought me up from a young age coming to watch Southport and hardly ever misses a game,” said Sophie.

"He works seven days a week but always makes time and space so he can come and watch Southport. The club means so much to him and works very hard to get to the matches.

“He always goes to away games and will find transport to get there to see his favourite players.

“My dad has always been by my side and no matter what he will make time to go and watch Southport play.

“He always goes for a beer at the club before the match to talk to other fans which he really loves doing.”

Andrew is pictured receiving his award from Trust chairman Alan Scarisbrick and daughter Sophie.

The Trust introduced the award this season as a way of recognising an unsung hero and a fan who demonstrates the sort of passion that sums up what it means to follow Southport.

The Trust would like to thank everyone who made a nomination for this season’s award and entries will open again at the start of the next campaign.

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1. Apologies for absence

Alan S, Bill

2. Matters arising from last meeting

All were covered elsewhere on the agenda.

3. Treasurers report

The Trusts balance currently stands at GBP24276. A payment of GBP1500 has been made to the club for primary school coaching and a limit of GBP4000 has been set for this project. A total of GBP510 has been spent on next match signs this season and coaches have run at a GBP242 loss thus far.

4. Membership

Membership is down to 210 however 3 new members have joined in the past month.

5. Report from meeting with the club

The recent meeting with the club was very positive with Charlie Clapham assuring the Trust that the floodlight project will go ahead this summer regardless of league status. The Football Stadia Improvement Fund is meeting on 23rd April and an application has been made that will be heard at this meeting. The club is seeking new quotes as the previous ones have are out of date. The coaching in primary schools is supposedly going on until the end of the season although the Trust is still waiting for official confirmation before releasing any more funds. The club did not want the Trust to apply for an Asset of Community Value for the ground as it was felt this may disrupt the excellent relationship with Sefton Council.

6. Coach Travel

A questionnaire was recently sent out to members giving them a chance to give an opinion on coach travel. The issue of pricing was discussed and it was pointed out that whilst some Conference clubs may offer slightly cheaper coach travel they dont offer a concessionary price and have a larger fanbase which means they can price coaches on the provision that they will be full. The Trust has offered discounted trips to Tamworth which ran at a loss and Salisbury where the coach was barely half full. Suggestions from Trust members present included arriving at certain away matches earlier so people can bring partners, families etc and looking into the cost of a minibus. Arthur may be able to access a 26 seater coach from Vision and will look into the costs. Aside from the obvious reasons of atrocious away form and cheap train tickets, supporters were also put off travelling by uncouth behaviour most notably on the Leyton Orient trip and the fact that travelling by car offers more flexibility. It was agreed to advertise the Gateshead coach as GBP15 and GBP10 for members presuming that 40 people will travel.

7. Fan of the season

The deadline for nominations is 31st March and several have been received so far. A trophy will hopefully be presented to the winner at the clubs presentation night.

8. Fundraising

Unfortunately the Co-op energy scheme advertised on the Trusts website hasnt taken off as planned due to bad publicity received by the Co-op recently. The Buy a Brick scheme is still in the planning stage and the Trust hopes to hold an auction at the clubs end of season presentation night. Rob also put forward a fundraising idea whereby he will wear a Liverpool shirt on a matchday if GBP1000 is raised and for GBP10000 will sing Youll Never Walk Alone on the pitch.

9. Trust Webshop

Martin reported that 75p has been raised in the last week simply by supporters using Easysearch which donates half a penny to the Trust with each search. With commission also being given for each online purchase made through Easysearch this has the potential to raise a significant amount of money for the Trust annually once more supporters are aware of it.

10. Use of social media

Trust member Adam Cailler who works in social media has kindly got in touch with the Trust and made some recommendations on how to improve the use of the website as well as the Trusts Facebook and Twitter accounts. Some useful points were made which will be helpful in enhancing the Trusts interaction with supporters online.

11. Any other business

Wrexham Supporters Trust have offered Trust members the chance to join them on their sponsored walk up Snowden on 29th June. Any members taking up their offer would be able to raise funds for Trust In Yellow.

12. Next meetings

Committee – Wednesday 16th April

Members – Thursday 15th May

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