Open Meetings

Minutes Of Meeting - 13/12/07

Att 20

Committee members present: Paul I, Jon OB, Rob U, Julia U, Paul G, Alan S, Andy D
Apologies: Alan D, Andy K, Paul OB, Phil C

Rob advised that we had 257 live members and 383 different members since inauguration
Coach travel and provisions for postponements - It was decided that discussions would take place with Arthur regarding a retainer if a game was to be called off at short notice and Jon would contact Arthur, if he was aware of a postponement. If we had already set off then it was decided that it was very dependant on how far we had got and other games in the area as to what action to take. ie turn back/take in another game. Hypothetical discussions had taken place on a previous trip.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 22/11/07

Att 17
Committee members in attendance: Jon OB, Paul OB, Rob, Julia, Paul I, Alan S, Phil, Andy K, Andy D.
Apologies: Paul G, Alan D
Road signs – Jon has confirmed that the local area committee have now provided all the funding for the project and the order has been placed. It is expected that the project will be completed before Christmas. The trust would like to pass on their thanks to all the local councillors, in particular Iain Brodie Brown, who pushed the project forward and ensured his party’s backing.

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Minutes Of Meeting -25/10/07

Apologies: Alan D
Att: 19

Membership figures were advised at 253 current memberships and we have had 387 members in total. Rob also advised that he was promoting the book across the various media outlets.
PA system – Jon had received one quote, but had seemed quite expensive. Dave Hunter has offered his services, but we are still trying to contact him. We are also waiting for several other quotes.
The next stage is to try and arrange a meeting with the club and the various relevant parties and try and issue a joint statement. Jon to push for this meeting.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 27/09/07

Att 20

Finances – currently stand at £10,246 which covers all coach payments, signs and race night costs. The race night raised around £1300. Phil will speak to James to get the accounts signed off.
Membership – current memberships stand at 249 prior to the meeting. Jon advised the Visiter were planning to put a tear off slip in the paper when space was available.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 30/08/07

Att 16
Apologies Alan D
Paul OB

Finances – Phil advised that the accounts stood at £8495.92. There was further cash to bank that would take us to around £8650 and the U'11's sponsorship was still to be paid.
Members – since the start we have had 372 members, however there are 242 current members and quite a few whose membership has expired and is waiting to be renewed.

Race Night – all eight races are now sponsored, the players have taken a race and the horse and jockeys are still being sold. A team of volunteers is required at 2pm on Saturday to help push the sale of ticket and horses and jockeys. Rob advised that the format will be different from last year as we are running the race night ourselves and anyone with technical experience to ensure that the DVD runs smoothly from laptop to projector would be appreciated. The food has been arranged, Alan D has been asked to bring the PA system and Jon is talking to the local radio stations about find a host and also to promote.

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