Minutes Of Meeting - 6th August

Att 19

Committee members present: Alan J, Alan S, Rob U, Peter R, Phil C, Julia U, Martin R, Paul I,

Apologies: Paul G, Alan D

Peter Rigby was duly elected as chairman, Alan Scarisbrick was elected as vice chairman.

Peter discussed the society board meeting and advised that it would only recommend any major decisions through the full membership.

Finances – stand at £10,146 with plenty of membership renewal and book balances paid in. There is still a balance of publishing costs to be paid which is in excess of £1500. Phil also advised that the club had cashed the shareholding cheque and issued a share certificate. The bank mandate needed changing due to Peter’s appointment and Phil had several forms to fill in.

There are still lots of memberships that are due at the moment.

Book Launch – The book will be launched on 19th August exactly 30 years from 1st game and the publisher is coming up on the day. The club shop will be open all day(10am – 5pm) and then the book will be on sale in the evening. Haydn has organised a champagne reception from Portland Wine and we were waiting for Haydn to arrive back from holiday to see if anything else can be arranged. Rob advised one book had to be sent to the British library. There will be an article in the Visiter for 15th and a flyer in the Harrogate programme.

Coach Travel – at the previous meeting we had only received a quote from Elite and prices were 23% higher than last year. One further quote has arrived from Sandgrounder Travel, which was 6% higher than Elite. Fusco failed to respond. Holmeswood were too expensive.

 It was agreed to take on Elite travel for the season.

47 had booked for Gainsborough. The coach was full, but there were a few cancellations. Alan has arranged to do quizzes on the coach. 

Heart Monitors – Liam has advised that the club do not want the heart monitors. An offer of £500 was rejected from Huw Griffiths of Chester City. A new offer had been received earlier today for £1000 again from Huw, but he needed an answer within the next day or so. All present agreed to accept the offer.

Newsletter – The first newsletter of the season has been issued and a vote of thanks has been sent to Martin. He intends to issue on a monthly basis, but requires updated e-mail addresses to reduce postage expenses.

Events - Race Night – 4th October. The players have agreed to attend and will sponsor a race. Rob is still awaiting a decision as to whether food will provided in order to determine entry price. Rob advised that there had already been significant interest and quite a few horses and jockeys had been sold.

U18’s night – the last charity event raised close to £300 for Queenscourt Hospice and a cheque is planned to be presented at the Harrogate game.

The Camarillas are performing on 6th September. Alan Drury is working on publicity as we are paying this band and we will have plenty of coverage on SCR.

Shoot out – the next shoot out will take place at the Waterside Lodge this Sunday between 11 and 4pm, volunteers are welcome.

Next TIY project – several options were discussed, but it was decided that with numerous options reliant on the football club’s plans no decision would be made until a meeting with the club takes place.

Meeting With Club – Rob to contact Haydn and arrange meeting with club hopefully within the next month. It was also hoped that we could arrange a meeting with Richard Hughes of Caterforce, but this is proving difficult and the trust hope to tie this in with the meeting with the club.

Flyer & article for Club – again since there has been a change of management, we need clarification form the club that this is still going ahead. Rob to discuss with Haydn.

Old Programmes – The trust has acquired a host of old Southport programmes.

Player sponsorship & sponsorship of Colin’s modem – Those present agreed to go ahead with player sponsorship again at a cost of £150. The decision would be to sponsor Connolly first choice, Powell second choice subject to availability. Colin Hill has also asked if the trust will sponsor his wireless modem at £10 per month. Colin uses this at away games to provide updates on the internet for away games at clubs where there is no internet access. The members present agreed.

AOB – John Siddle request - John Siddle of the Southport Visiter has advised that the Visiter has removed expenses for away games and asked if TIY will offer free or subsidised coach travel. The matter was deferred to the next meeting and will be investigated further.

Next match signs – Phil has put up the Blyth signs, but has advised that he will be away for the next two games and needs volunteers to put up the remainder. Rob offered to put up Woodvale, Steve W offered to put up the Plough.

 Next open meeting – Thursday 9th October, Grandstand Club

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