General Meetings

'Meet the Manager'

Thursday, 18th March, 7-30pm Grandstand Club

We are delighted to say that Liam Watson has agreed to come along and  answer  questions.

Although the meeting has been organised by the Trust we are pleased to say it is open to ALL supporters to attend and ask questions.

         (Our T.I.Y meeting originally planned for the 11th has been postponed because of a reserve  match on that evening)

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Meeting with the Club Board

The meeting with the club board scheduled for the 6th March did NOT take place.

Mr. Clapham told us the day before that he would have to postpone the meeting because of another appointment.

It is even more important that we hear from members their views on our future role in supporting the club in such matters as the Reserve team. A meeting will be held in the next few weeks for members to express their views and you can also give comments to any member of the T.I.Y. board.

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Minutes of AGM - 5th August 2009

Att 29

Apologies Alan Drury, Paul Glendenning, Matthew Lawrenson

Phil presented and reviewed a full set of accounts with comparisons over the previous 3 and half years of trading. Points to note from the accounts – we are still able to claim £607 from Supporters Direct for running expenses. Current cash in the bank account amounts to £12813 of which £2000 has been paid to the club in respect to the running of the reserves. Phil has contacted Charles Clapham regarding a share certificate for the value and the chairman has promised to chase this up. All costs for the reserves will be listed against the payment and audited by Phil.
The accounts have not yet been audited, but will be presented to James Treadwell shortly to be approved and signed off.

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Minutes Of SGM - 8th January 2009

Att 30

Committee in attendance: Rob U, Peter R, Paul I, Alan S, Andy K, Martin R, Phil C,

Apologies: Julia U, Alan D, Alan J, Paul G

Peter started the meeting by detailed how we got to the process of calling an SGM to purchase the minibus after a request for a minibus for the youth team was raised by the club in the meeting in September.

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Minutes Of TIY EGM - 09/11/06

Apologies Paul Glendenning
Paul Cook
Liam Watson
In addition we received 19 proxy votes

Jon provided a summary of what had happened so far. We have over 300 members, which is higher than the likes of Bristol Rovers and Altrincham. Coaches have run to all games bar Oxford(midweek game) and the upcoming Aldershot fixture.


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