Minutes ot Trust Meeting on Thursday, 9th December

Apologies: Paul I, Nick C

1.Minutes of previous meeting

No matters arising

2. Treasurer's Report

Phil C reported the Trust’s current balance is £9,777, with net funds available at £9,677. There have been no away matches since the last meeting and therefore no coach travel.


Membership of the Trust is now in the region of 200. A number of renewals have recently become due and those members have been written to.

4. Progress of joint long-term project with the club

Representatives from the Trust board are still scheduled to meet with the club on 8 January regarding the proposed floodlights project. Charlie Clapham was written to on 29 November asking to provide any information which the club has obtained regarding the availability of grants and likely costs. To date, the Trust is yet to receive a response.

5. Other questions to ask the club

Since the cash windfall generated by the FA Cup match against Sheffield Wednesday, the club has made no official statement regarding the income received. The Trust thinks it would be appropriate for the club to clarify a number of issues which fans have raised since the match took place.

The Trust intends to put a number of questions to the club regarding the FA Cup windfall at the scheduled meeting on 8 January. Possible questions were discussed, including clarification on the money received and what the club intends to do with it.

It was agreed that the Trust will invite members to submit questions to put to the club. Questions should be e-mailed to Martin Robinson at dmjrobinson@btinternet.com by Sunday 19 December. Selected questions will then be submitted to Charlie Clapham for his consideration ahead of the meeting. The list of questions will be published on the Trust website after they are sent to Mr Clapham.

6. Players’ Reunion, 2011

The Trust is still waiting to confirm whether it will run this event following the discussion at the last board meeting. In order to allow time to make the necessary arrangements, a decision must be made promptly. Geoff Wilde will be contacted to allow the Trust to confirm its plans.

7. Coach Travel

Members can book a place on the coaches to Fleetwood and Barrow at the combined special offer price of £20.

The possibility of arranging a weekend trip to Eastbourne has been looked into, with likely prices being obtained from Elite Travel and a number of hotels. It is thought that a full package can be arranged for in the region of £75 - £90 per person. The board is keen to run this event and thinks take-up would be good. Before making definite arrangements, the Trust will look to gauge more of a response from supporters and see whether a one or two-night stay would be most popular.

It was suggested that the travel package can be adjusted to include different ranges of accommodation, and a coach only option could be included.

8. AOB

The Trust is waiting for a response from Mark Parr regarding the costs of producing special key rings to tie in with the floodlights project.

9. Date of next meeting

Thursday, 13 January (members).

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