Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 22 November

Apologies: Paul I, Martyn O.

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The separate bank account for the Kevin Lee project set up using the Trust mandate currently holds £3,298.

The Make-Up and Perfume Party was held on 7 November. Although the turnout was disappointing, the evening did raise £66, to be split equally between the Trust and the Kevin Lee project.


2. Treasurer’s Report

The Trust’s current balance stands at £24,958, including net funds available totalling £24,868.

The Trust is due to pay Alder Hey Hospital for the proceeds of the shirt sales once all the sales are complete.

Coaches have run to all but two away matches so far this season at a loss of £55.

The first two monthly payments for the sponsorship of the club’s match updates service have been made for October and November, at a total cost of £38.


3. Memberships

Memberships currently stand at around 230. A number of renewals are due in November.

The Trust has been contacted by one supporter who said they will not be renewing their membership due to the behaviour of some supporters on one of the coaches to Grimsby Town last season.


4. Report on meeting with the club

a)      Proposed lottery

Members of the Trust board met with representatives from the club ahead of the match against Hereford United on 27 October.

The club was receptive to the Trust’s suggestion that some of its funds for the floodlights project could be raised through a lottery.

To gauge the level of interest in such a scheme, the club had suggested that Trust members are approached to see how many would consider participating.

The club had indicated that it would want the lottery to start in January. The club had promised to come back to the Trust with a leaflet to distribute shortly after the meeting but the Trust is yet to receive this.

b)      Community projects

Following the discussion with Haydn Preece at the last members’ meeting, the Trust board would be keen to support the club’s activities in the community.

Part of the Trust’s remit is to provide a benefit to the community and it is felt that a good way would be to discuss with the club further the funding for an additional community coach.

This would cost around £2,500 and would have to be approved by members. More details will need  to be obtained before the proposal is put to members.

The Trust will contact Charlie Clapham to explain that the board would be interested in exploring this idea further.  Although this would be a separate community project, it was felt the Trust could look to get more details about the club’s intentions regarding the suggested fundraising lottery at the same time.


5. Player of the Month award

Voting for the first Player of the Month award in October was very good. The award was won by Chris Lever and presented by Trust member Dale Martin.

Further enquiries will be made about setting up an online voting form, rather than the poll used last month, so members can submit their details when registering their vote.

As a way of encouraging junior members, it was suggested that they should be considered for presenting the award.


6. Presentation to Earl Davis

The Trust will look to contact Earl Davis so arrangements for a presentation on behalf of supporters can be made.


7. Coach Travel

Enquiries have been made about arranging a weekend trip to the match at Lincoln City on 9 March.

Hiring a coach for the whole weekend would cost £1,100 and contact has been made directly with Lincoln, who have recommended a hotel.

It is hoped that a package, including accommodation and travel, would be available to members for around £75. Further enquiries will be made and details will be confirmed to members as soon as possible.

Members will be able to travel to the matches at Macclesfield Town on New Year’s Day and AFC Telford United on 5 January for a combined special offer price of £20. The two trips will be available to non-members at the basic price of £32.


8. Report on North West Regional Meeting of Supporters Direct

Martin R and Phil C attended the North West Regional Meeting of Supporters Direct earlier in the month.

Speakers were from Coventry University, who discussed ownership models, and the Uefa Supporters Liaison Officer.

It was noted that all Premier League and Football League clubs are required to have a Supporters Liaison Officer.

Jacqui Forster said she would be willing to attend a future Trust meeting to speak to members about the work of Supporters Direct.


9. Other fundraising and social events including quiz night.

The Trust’s quiz night will be held on 28 February at 7.30pm. This will be a general knowledge quiz, with teams restricted to a maximum of four members and an entry price of £5 per team.

An event similar to They Think it’s all a Question of Sport held a few years ago will take place towards the end of the season.


10. Website

A number of members have noticed that the Trust website appears on Google as compromised. The website host provider will be contacted to try to resolve any issue.


11. Any other business

A presentation was made to Colin A to recognise his achievements and funds raised in completing his run to Grimsby Town in April.

Martin R has written to Mansfield Town regarding what many supporters considered officious stewarding at the match on 10 November. Mansfield have responded to say they will look into this further.


12. Next meetings

10 January (members), 21 February (board).

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