Minutes of T.I.Y. Board Meeting – Thursday 4th Feb 2010

Att: Paul I, Phil C, Alan S, Alan J, Rob U, Julia U, Andy K, Martin R, Nick C

Apologies Bill S, Ben K

  Following the postponement of the Workington game, due to their FA Trophy involvement, the meeting between the club and the trust has been re-scheduled for Saturday 6th March.

 Coach travel – Hinckley coach has sufficient numbers to definitely run, booking are being taken for Farsley and Corby.

 Membership – current membership stands at 185

 Finances – balance now stands at £12687.61

Reserve team funding stands at £4379 with an estimated cost of £7016 for the season

Steve Wignall’s latest goal pledges will be in the form of work in lieu and includes the fixing of the sign on the Woodvale bypass. Thanks to Steve for his generosity.   

Coach travel losses have been reduced to a total of £59 for the year and there has been an average of 36 passengers per trip

If the club were to wish to resign from the Lancashire League they must provisionally notify the league by the end of March (to be confirmed) otherwise the club is liable to a £500 charge. We are awaiting further clarification from the club on the future of the youth schemes and the use of the reserves – to be discussed at the meeting with the club. A further 2000 shares has been requested for the outlay for the reserves.

 Meeting with the club – the documentation for the meeting was discussed and has been finalised and will be forwarded to Charlie, Sam and Haydn this weekend. Members will be e-mailed a copy later in the week and then the documents will be put on the website for all to see.

The agenda of the meeting will be:

Reserves/Youth team structure

Discussion of documentation for meeting


Attendees – the plan is the allow continuity and those who went last time to attend. Check with Bill and Ben if they are available to attend.

Alan S





 Events – the planned joint race night and awards evening had been provisionally booked in the diary, but on checking the diary the club have accepted another firm booking, thus the event is in jeopardy. Further discussions with the club will take place to establish how and when we can arrange this event.

The Graham Lloyd event is scheduled for the beginning of next season.

The Golf day looks likely to be postponed as Terry is unable to commit for that date.

The band nights have ceased due to complaints from the neighbourhood.

 TIY, through Julia, has arranged for two school teams, St. John’s (Crossens) and St John’s (Ainsdale), to play on Saturday as part of the half time entertainment.

 TIY have sent Southport Juniors an application form for funding from the Co-op and this is currently under discussions with their committee.

 Due to the movement of the meeting with the club, the next open meeting has been put back to allow members to get feedback from the meeting.

The new date is Thursday 11th March (subject to reserve fixtures)

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