Minutes Of Meeting - 28/09/06

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Race night update is that all horses and jockeys have been sold and nine sponsors have been found, one for each race and an overall sponsor. So far 115 tickets have been sold.
Membership has now hit the 300 mark with membership now standing at 302. Cash at bank stands at £3250, with a further £254 in the paypal account, plus money from the race night and webshop still to be banked. However we are still awaiting monies from supporters direct for the setting up costs. Coach bookings for Oxford and Weymouth are sluggish at present and decisions will be made by the weekend as to whether they will go ahead. Race night plans are in hand. Enough volunteers have been sought to do the door and sell the horses.
The Irsh bingo will be run through the evening at £1 a ticket with the split being 25%, 15%, 10% for 1st , 2nd and 3rd respectively. The auction race will be split 50% to the winner and the balance to Trust In Yellow. Alan Scarisbrick has offered to help with the announcements along with Jon and Dave Pennington is arranging the race card. Prizes have been provided by Martin Bos at Southbank Rd Newsagent and JPG News and the club have promised to provide further prizes. Rob has arranged a float and all volunteers have been asked to turn up for 7pm.


Next match signs are up at the Shelbourne Hotel and a further sign on Queens Road has been secured. The Visiter Office on Tulketh Street has also expressed an interest in putting up a sign. Two more sites are currently in negotiation. There are problems with the sign at the Shelbourne as the design is not right and it is very difficult to alter the information, thus the sign will need replacing. Jon has arranged meetings with signwriters with a system of plastic lettering or sliding displays under consideration.
Oakwood Loft Conversions have offered to donate wood for signs. Phil has offered to amend the information on the sign at the Shelbourne for the time being. The trust has also had a donation of around £50 to be directly used for the purchase of these signs.
The signage around the ground was originally offered to us for signs local to the club for a cost of £2500. We have now had a quote for seven signs around the town for £3000. This is too excessive and the trust is disappointed with the council's pricing policy.
Trust in Yellow intends to demonstrate the need for signage through using the solidarity and unity of its' and other football supporters to petition Sefton Council technical and tourism departments in order to pursuade them to reconsider their budget priorities.

Alan Drury has looked at the proposed match day hut. To go ahead we must put drainage in to stop the leaking and this should be fairly straight forward to do. The seats are to be moved and stored in containers. Coach travel is currently being organised by Jon and Rob, but both are keen to relinquish the role to pursue other trust objectives. Alan Scarisbrick has offered to take over as travel club manager.
A discussion was held over the format of the EGM and the nomination process. The document was deemed slightly ambiguous and further clarification was requested. Jon has written an article in layman's terms of how to apply to be on committee for the programme on saturday and Paul I will publish further clarification via the internet.
If you wish to stand for committee there are two ways, you have to put yourself forward and find someone to propose you or someone can propose you and then you can opt to stand.
Once you have a nominee and you wish to stand, please contact the secretary, either via e-mail, on match days or at the registered address with a short summary as to why you wish to stand. If you wish to stand for a specific position, please advise in the short summary. The last date for acceptance of nominations is October 7th.
We have been approached by Haydn to return to use the Grandstand club, rather than the Railwayman's club. Although the Railwayman's club have been very accommodating in the past, those present agreed it would be a good idea to return if we could get guarantees that the problems of the past would not happen again. Jon is to liase with Haydn. It was also deemed appropriate to put an event on at the Railwayman's club as a thank you for all their help.
In Dave's, absence Paul OByrne has agreed to help update the website and the translation to attract our migrant workers to Haig Avenue is still being worked on.

Trust In Yellow have been approached by Dixon, Raven and Marsden Solicitors to provide a 10% discount for Trust In Yellow on production of their membership card.
It was generally thought that this was a terrific gesture and the trust would like to take this up and promote via the media and website.

It was also noted that the amount of corporate sponsorship is now coming in, (race night etc) and it would be a good idea to push corporate membership and develop more schemes like the above.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place at 7.30pm at the Grandstand Club on Thursday 12th Oct

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