Minutes Of Meeting -25/10/07

Apologies: Alan D
Att: 19

Membership figures were advised at 253 current memberships and we have had 387 members in total. Rob also advised that he was promoting the book across the various media outlets.
PA system – Jon had received one quote, but had seemed quite expensive. Dave Hunter has offered his services, but we are still trying to contact him. We are also waiting for several other quotes.
The next stage is to try and arrange a meeting with the club and the various relevant parties and try and issue a joint statement. Jon to push for this meeting.

Sonsored walk - Rob advised that the walk would take the shorter route via the Martin Inn. Rob would have the forms available from Saturday and Jon was to arrange publicity. The walk would start at 10 a.m.
Finances – Phil advised that the current balance stands at £10,554 with battle of the band income and expenses not yet included. Phil has set up a new higher interest deposit account and the forms for the change in registered office have been sent out. The accounts are close to being signed off.
Fireworks evening – The trust are running the shoot out game at £1 a go with a prize for the winner. The trust have also agreed to help out with the club’s penalty shoot out competition and if sufficient volunteers are available open the trust office to sell merchandise/memberships/take book deposits.
SGB – no action to be taken at this current time
Battle Of The Bands – the first band night was excellent. The event was won by Dominant Species with 80-90 in attendance and very well behaved. We are hopeful that some of the band will return to host guest nights in the future. The over 18’s event has a prize sponsored by Steve Wignall and admission is £3
Boots for Uganda – we have had great feedback from Uganda to the extent that the team are now called Southport Wanderers.
Road signs – we have now had confirmation that the remaining area has agreed to release funding for the road signs. Jon is waiting for Ian Brodie Brown to advise how to access this funding so the project can move to the next stage.
Coach travel is going well this season with excellent responses for the Worcester and Harrogate trips(32 and 38 travellers respectively)

Next meeting: Thursday 22nd November, 7.30pm Grandstand Club.

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