Minutes Of Society Board Meeting - 23rd April 2009

Attendees: Phil C, Alan S, Martin R, Bill S, Paul I, Rob U, Julia U,
Apologies: Alan D, Alan J, Paul G, Andy K
Accounts – Phil advised that that he had received a virus on his computer which has corrupted the records for the accounts. He has advised that he will not have the accounts re-formatted and ready for sign off for the initial AGM date and the AGM will be put back to a later date. The accounts have to be with the FSA by the end of August and Phil advised that the date would not be an issue.
 The balance of the account stands at £15030.06 and includes some money from the TIY anniversary event which made £514.70 on the night. It was agreed to donate £350 to Steve Haw’s charity. TIY would like to thanks Rob and Julia for their efforts in coordinating these events.
 There is a prize of £50 to pay out for the prediction competition and TIY had raised £733 from two recent U-18 band nights. TIY would like to thanks Paul G for his efforts in arranging these events. Bank interest is accumulating at 0.05% on the deposit account. It was also noted that membership of Supporters Direct had accidently lapsed and the documents had been completed with a cheque ready to be sent off.
Membership currently stands at 202 and Bill Sloan has agreed to take the role of membership secretary and Rob will liase with the handover.
The aim will be to create a new membership pack which re-iterates TIY’s aims and objectives, includes an achievements list, a questionnaire and role for junior members. It was also suggested to create an A4 leaflet with similar information and hand out for the start of the season.

Disabled facilities – Martin advised that the sample from the company in Todmorden that was due end of March had not arrived yet. Martin advised that three samples were now due either next week or the week after. The costs are estimated at around £8000 with a further £1000 to do alterations to the stand. Once the sample had arrived, TIY would try and arrange a meeting with Haydn and Charlie to check suitability. It was also recommended that TIY explore an option similar to that of Blyth(ramp and PVC cover.
TIY targets for 2009/10

   1. To get agreed pattern of meetings with Haydn, Charlie and Liam to discuss TIY issues.

Rob to discuss with Haydn suitable dates for TIY members to meet with him to discuss TIY issues.
Several requests have already been put to Charlie for a meeting, but as yet no dates have been fixed for a meeting.
A formal letter will be send requesting a meeting in June to discuss the following issues:
Disabled Facilities
Reserve Team
Pricing Structure
TIY Primary School initiative

   2. To set up a primary school initiative
   3. Members to decide on major project for TIY. There is a possibility that this could be a joint project with the club.
   4. Increased publicity – ensure TIY news is more available through the local press and media in addition to the current newsletter and articles in the programme and the website. It was agreed that the website needs a revamp and that the webshop, on the website needed closing down. It was suggested to obtain some quotes from commercial companies on creating a website with multiple access.More information would be put on the whiteboard outside the office and a look into making it easier to join online.
   5. Increase membership to 300 members
   6. Continue with the events and tie events into TIY projects
   7. Involve players past and present – Steve Haw, Kevin Mooney, Steve Joel and Eric Redrobe all advised they were keen to get more involved.

Roles – Rob has agreed to hand over the role of membership secretary to Bill and will continue to act as club liason.
Events – Under 18’s band night 29th May and 20th June. One will be a charity event, the other will be for TIY.
Race Night/Meet The Players – plans to hold the event at the beginning of the season and it is hoped that Liam will guarantee player availability.
Another quiz format with players/ex-players and supporters and possibly tie in with a talk from Geoff and Mike about ex-players.
Chairs – Steve Porter has advised that plenty of chairs are planned for use in the new season and the remainder can go under the Jack Carr stand. The only issue is to get the chairs back to the club and if anyone has access to suitable transport, please contact TIY.
Next Match Signs
– Merseyrail have agreed to put up a next match sign at Southport Station. Rob will arrange a site visit and the specs required for the sign.
The next meeting is arranged for May 14th and is now an open meeting.

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