Minutes Of Informal Meeting With Chief Executive

Informal meeting with Haydn Preece – 28/08/2008

Att: Peter Rigby, Rob Urwin, Alan Scarisbrick, Paul Isenwater, Haydn Preece.

Reserve team

   Various rumours had been circulating that the club were considering creating a reserve team for next season. Haydn confirmed that as part of the learning skills council project, the club were hopeful of setting up a reserve team for next season to aid development. Haydn expressed that the club were interested in a minibus for both the reserves and youth team.


Haydn was aware of some of the issues with catering on Monday and was advised of the complaints that the trust had received. Haydn was happy for any complaints from trust members to be directed to the trust committee in writing and for the trust to contact Caterforce directly to discuss. Haydn also confirmed that the contracts for the catering and the sponsorship for the youth team are totally independent. This was mentioned at a previous trust meeting that Haydn attended earlier in the year.

 To improve catering facilities significantly brick buildings would need to be put in place at each site at a considerable cost. There would be little benefit to achieving this task unless there was a significant increase in income from the caterer or the catering was taken in house, but this would create added problems with staffing, health and safety, legal issues etc.


Haydn advised that floodlights were high up on the club’s agenda. There were grants for this and planning permission was unlikely to be an issue. At present the quality of the lights meets the league conditions, but gets tested on a regular basis. It was likely that the cost of the project was well beyond the means of the trust.

Grandstand Bar

Haydn advised that the grandstand bar was tired and in need of redevelopment. A rep who quoted for Yates Wine Bar had advised the club that to bring it up to the standard of the said wine bar would cost in excess of £250K. Haydn advised that he would like new ceiling tiles, flooring and carpeting. It was noted that there was new furniture in the small bar.

 Haydn confirmed that the club would not discuss the possibility of grants from the brewery as it did not want to create debt for the club. When also asked about the rumours of plans for the grandstand, Haydn confirmed that there were no official plans in place, although there were some ideas that were being suggested, but had not gone past the idea stage as yet.

 With reference to the Northern Soul group that had moved three nights away from the grandstand bar, the club stated that there were major issues with the group at the last event that could have jeopardised the club’s licence and thus there were issues hosting them again.

Disabled Facilities

The club is a member of NADS and advised that there is no funding available from NADS for football clubs. The club have looked at building a ramped area in the Blowick side of the paddock with a bus shelter style covering, similar to Blyth. Initial costings suggested £12-15k of which the club have ring fenced 6K from the money raised via the centenary committee.


There were a few issues raised from Fleetwood fans about the lack of cover. The club confirmed there is a policy of no transfers from standing to seating in place and this would continue. The club indicated that they may look at improving the signage around the turnstile area.

 Haydn confirmed that there are grants available to put cover up and sees no reason why this cannot be put up in modular stages on both the popular side and the away terrace. Although no quotes had been sought, Haydn suggested that this could be within the trust’s finances. Haydn also confirmed there are no plans for the re-development of the popular side in regards to the KGV project.

It was agreed to take the details to the next society board meeting and narrow down the projects to a workable level and then approach the Chairman to discuss further. An official request for a meeting with the Chairman was requested via Haydn.

In respect to the flyers in the Visiter, Haydn confirmed that he had held back the flyers with Gary Brabin’s departure and that he expected them to roll out in September. He would advise the trust of the launch date so that wording on the flyers could be agreed and an article could be put in the Visiter to coincide.

 The two other requests from the club were if we could push the goalden lottery as we were an agent and put out a request for more agents and also consider sponsoring a match at sometime during the season.

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