Minutes Of Meeting - 30/08/07

Att 16
Apologies Alan D
Paul OB

Finances – Phil advised that the accounts stood at £8495.92. There was further cash to bank that would take us to around £8650 and the U'11's sponsorship was still to be paid.
Members – since the start we have had 372 members, however there are 242 current members and quite a few whose membership has expired and is waiting to be renewed.

Race Night – all eight races are now sponsored, the players have taken a race and the horse and jockeys are still being sold. A team of volunteers is required at 2pm on Saturday to help push the sale of ticket and horses and jockeys. Rob advised that the format will be different from last year as we are running the race night ourselves and anyone with technical experience to ensure that the DVD runs smoothly from laptop to projector would be appreciated. The food has been arranged, Alan D has been asked to bring the PA system and Jon is talking to the local radio stations about find a host and also to promote.

The anthem – only 14 songs were suggested on the forms handed out and these were narrowed down to six songs:

Da Do Ron Ron
All Together Now
We Will Rock You
Eye Of The Tiger
Yellow Submarine
Start (by the Jam)
The voting will take place prior to the Hinckley game. Julia will provide the ballot boxes, Jon will create the forms.
From the feedback on the projects the PA system was the most poular choice.

Trust building – Paul G advised that the building although not quite finished is now suitable for use on match days and will be used in some capacity for the Hinckley game.

Coach travel – there were a few complaints about late returns to the coach after the Workington game. The individuals have been warned about this and the following coaches have run smoothly since.

Road Signs – Jon has had confirmation that the road signs are definitely on the agenda for the next meeting of the Southport Area Committee and the Visiter are doing a piece.

Next Match signs – Jon apologised as the sign at School Lane had not yet been put up and he was hoepful it would be done shortly.
Supporters Direct – Jacqui Forster had been in touch for an update and Jon had given her a summary for the bi-monthly meeting that was taking place on the 30th August.
AOB – Southport GB Jon had advised on that TIY would discuss the matter with committee regarding the situation between club and Southport GB. It was decided that although Southport GB were a corporate sponsor, this issue was between the two parties and had little effect on the trust and it was hoped that this issue would quieten down.
Rob advised that he had received 35 pledges so far inclouding one from the USA and they would be featured in this week's programme.

Next Meeting: 27th September 7.30pm Grandstand Club.

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