Minutes Of Meeting - 22/11/07

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Committee members in attendance: Jon OB, Paul OB, Rob, Julia, Paul I, Alan S, Phil, Andy K, Andy D.
Apologies: Paul G, Alan D
Road signs – Jon has confirmed that the local area committee have now provided all the funding for the project and the order has been placed. It is expected that the project will be completed before Christmas. The trust would like to pass on their thanks to all the local councillors, in particular Iain Brodie Brown, who pushed the project forward and ensured his party’s backing.

Coach travel-Harrogate – Arthur has reported that there was an incident that occurred during the coach trip to Harrogate. The safety glass was broken and the hammer was stolen. This behaviour is unacceptable and comments will be made to passengers on all future coach trips. The trust has offered to recompense for any costs incurred.
Finances – the balance of funds currently sitting in our accounts stands at £11,249. Phil notified that confirmation had come through that the registered office had changed. The new registered office is:
81 Moss Lane, Southport PR9 7QS
Phil has confirmed that he will contact the auditor to get the accounts completed and signed off order to arrange an AGM.
Trust Building – the project has been ongoing for many months now and the building is now in use, but still needs further work. Alan D has put a lot of time and effort into getting the building to it’s current state, but living outside the town and with a young family is struggling to find time to complete the project. Peter O’Byrne has offered to continue the project and hope to have it completed by Christmas. The committee would like to thank Alan for all his hard work with regards to the progress on this project. It was agreed to look at a budget of £250 for completion and it was recommended to use corporate member, Mentha and Halsall, who are local shopfitters for any materials.
Heart Monitors, Wrexham - The club have advised us that a bill for £500 has arrived from Wrexham for the testing and analysis session that took place. The club and playing staff were totally unaware of this bill and were not expected to be billed for this. Haydn advised that there would be no further bills this season relating to this and the club would, from next season, take on the bill as part of set expenditure in future. The club have therefore asked if the trust would pay the invoice on this occasion.
The members present were balloted and a majority voted in favour of payment on the condition that this was a one off payment. Phil would liase with the bill issuer to arrange payment.
Internal PA System – in order to ensure that the battle of the bands ran smoothly, Paul G purchased an internal PA system at a much reduced cost out of his own funds.
The trust issued concerns that protocols need to be put in place to prevent members purchasing on behalf of the trust without prior approval and Jon provided a three point proposal to cover this and to be ratified at the next AGM. The proposal needs tinkering and Phil offered to come up with some amendments prior to the AGM. In respect to the PA system, the trust is happy to re-pay the cost of the purchase upon receipt of a suitable invoice. The club have offered to contribute some monies towards the purchase as well as it will create a significant benefit for future functions.
AGM – the trust plan to raise an AGM in mid January, subject to the completion of the accounts. The format will be that all members will be notified of the AGM and given a fixed amount of time to stand for committee (one spare place available) and put forward any proposals for consideration. A further notification will be sent to all members giving up to 28 days notice as to the date of the meeting with a copy of the accounts and a voting form for election of three committee members by rotation and the approval of the accounts and auditors, plus a vote on any proposals offered.

External PA System – the trust have been pushing for a meeting with the club to discuss how to proceed with the PA System and to follow up discussions at the previous meeting and raise any new ideas/concerns.
Haydn advised that the club had agreed to a meeting next week and a date was agreed for 8.00pm next Wednesday with Jon, Rob, Julia and Andy D in attendance. Andy offered to write the minutes. Haydn also advised that the credit/debit facilities for the shop had now arrived and are due to be fitted next week.
A quick brainstorming session was held to come up with ideas for discussion at the meeting and it will also be thrown open to members to put forward their questions and would be publicised via the local media.
The following items were suggested for consideration:
PA System, future ground re-development, catering, reserves and ladies team, scouting system, grandstand bar, stadium sponsorship, TIY recognition at board level (medium term objection), accountability to supporters(AGM is not necessary due to changes in companies act), Meet the Manager.
Once all the topics are collated an agenda will be drawn up.

Sponsored walk – 10 people have committed to the sponsored walk to Burscough so far, including Haydn. Haydn has advised that half the monies he raises will be donated to Queenscourt Hospice.
Wembley, 10 years On – a member has suggested arranging an event to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of our trip to Wembley. Haydn was keen on the idea and suggested a match between that team and selected opponents, plus an evening event. Haydn has already sounded out some of the squad and the feedback was that they were keen to participate subject to availability and their current clubs permission for those still playing. It was suggested that we could tie it in with a Question of Sport event in the evening and the event would be a joint venture between the trust and the club.
AOB – we have been advised that the jackets for the under 11’s that we agreed to sponsor are ready and an invoice will be forwarded shortly.

Next meeting: Thursday 13th December, 7.30pm Grandstand Club.

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