Minutes Of Meeting - 13/12/07

Att 20

Committee members present: Paul I, Jon OB, Rob U, Julia U, Paul G, Alan S, Andy D
Apologies: Alan D, Andy K, Paul OB, Phil C

Rob advised that we had 257 live members and 383 different members since inauguration
Coach travel and provisions for postponements - It was decided that discussions would take place with Arthur regarding a retainer if a game was to be called off at short notice and Jon would contact Arthur, if he was aware of a postponement. If we had already set off then it was decided that it was very dependant on how far we had got and other games in the area as to what action to take. ie turn back/take in another game. Hypothetical discussions had taken place on a previous trip.

Boston trip – for those not aware there was a little bit of trouble after the Boston game. Boston police have been in contact and if anyone would like to contact them regarding any incidents, then Alan Scarisbrick has the appropriate number. It was noted that there was no damage to the coach.
Trust building – Peter O’Byrne has advised that the trust office is now complete. The committee would like to thank Peter for his excellent work in completing the project and a tour was undertaken after the meeting to inspect the impressive new premises. Peter wished to thank Mentha & Halsall for the materials, Oakwood Lofts for advice and Southport FC for their help.
It was suggested that a rota was set up to run the trust building on match days. Rob offered to open up the building and then hand over at 2pm when his other activities kicked in. Alan S, Paul I, Jon OB and Paul OB offered their services. An official opening is planned and Jon will co-ordinate.

Review of meeting with club – Jon discussed the events of the meeting with the club and advised that the minutes would be published as soon as they would be ratified with the club. The minutes would be published on the trust website and available in the club shop.

PA system - several quotes had been presented to the club at the meeting above and the two quotes were over £12,000, however Steve Wignall had offered to look into obtaining a realistic price for the work required. We are still awaiting feedback from the club on the route they wish to take and opportunities for funding through the football foundation. Jon offered to contact several local clubs to seek their advice on their PA system installations.

Sponsored Walk – Jon was arranging the press. There are 12 walkers at present, leaving Haig Avenue at 10am and any walkers requiring a lift back on the coach please contact Alan Scarisbrick for a seat free of charge.

Corporate membership – we have just been made aware of an issue with one of our corporate members, who had advised that they had not yet received some of their full benefits they were promised. Jon offered to contact the member concerned and resolve the issue.
Christmas/New Year Eve party – although it was deemed too late to organise anything this year, it was suggested that we look at some local events and look at arranging something for next year.

Band Night – Paul G advised that the band nights were starting to take off. A large number of bands had expressed an interest in playing in the Grandstand club and it was hoped to have an event once a month. Paul G asked for volunteers to help out on the night.

Next meeting Thursday 24th January 7.30pm Grandstand Club.

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