Minutes of member's meeting - Thursday 21st November

1. Apologies for absence

Alan S, Christian


2. Matters arising from last meeting

The water hog has arrived and will be ready for use after a handle is fitted. The recent Race Night was a success and raised £870.

3. Treasurers report

The Trust’s balance currently stands at £25,715. Recent incomings include £820 from the Race Night (with another £50 due) and £30 from the Non League Paper for the use of Julia’s photos. £330 has been spent on another batch of next match signs while the coaches so far have run at a £392 loss most of which was incurred from the Tamworth game.


4. Membership

Membership is now at 220 which is roughly 25% of the club’s core support. Bill reported that 7 new members were gained on the Leyton Orient trip.


5. Coach Travel

Several supporters have called into the Trust office to say how much they enjoyed the Leyton Orient trip. Unfortunately there were some negatives with Arthur reporting that the Elite Coach was damaged and a considerable mess was left behind. The Trust therefore has little choice but to ban alcohol on all future away trips, it being worth pointing out that any police inspection at Oreint would have led to severe financial penalties for Elite Travel which would in turn have had to be met by the Trust. More positively junior prices at a third of the full adult price have been a success and will remain. With regards to the proposed weekend trip unfortunately hotel prices in Newcastle over the Easter weekend (incorporating the Gateshead fixture) are also very expensive.


6. Coaching in Primary Schools

The Trust recently sent out a ballot asking members to vote on whether the Trust should provide funding for the club’s community coaching scheme. The results were 43 voting in favour and 3 voting against. The Trust will now wait for a response from the club whereby the matter of how to proceed can be discussed.


7. Lotteries

Colin presented a rough idea of a ‘100 club’ with a £5 per month fee. It was agreed that it would be best to announce any new lottery alongside a major announcement from the club e.g. floodlights or any other major development.


8. Website

The new website will soon be ready for launch after a couple of minor alterations to the content have been made. Each committee member will also be writing a brief profile piece.


9. Future fundraising and other events

It was proposed that the Question of Sport event could be tied into an end of season awards evening. Mike Braham and Geoff Wilde’s Nostalgia Evening should go ahead sometime in the New Year. The views of some members were also discussed and are always welcomed by the committee.


10. Consideration of application for ACV (Asset of Community Value) for ground

This is a Supporters Direct backed initiative that gives football clubs a six month period to oppose or counter any attempt by a local council to sell their ground. The Trust can make an application for an ACV on behalf of the club if it wishes and this will be discussed at the next meeting between the Trust and the club.


11. Any other business

The Onion Bag chronicles are now available in the club shop with all profits being donated to the Trust.


12. Next meeting

Thursday 9th January - Members

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