Minutes Of Society Board Meeting - July 10th 2008

Att: Paul Isenwater, Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Phil Carder, Alan Drury, Alan Scarisbrick, Paul Glendenning, Andy Kelly, Martin Robinson, Alan Jones, Peter Rigby

Alan Jones and Peter Rigby were invited along to the meeting and were elected onto the committee. Alan advised that he may have difficulty attending some of the meetings due to university studies.

Coach travel – Phil has requested quotes of Elite travel, Fusco and Sandgrounder Travel. So far he has received only one quote back from Elite travel. Phil advised that Holmeswood would not be competitive and there was no point getting a quote. The quote from Elite was 23% on last season due to increased diesel costs and the requirement for 2 drivers for the trip to Kings Lynn. Alan S advised that 18 people had already booked for the Gainsborough trip and we would use Elite travel for the first trip. The price would be £15 and departure at 11am. A final decision on coach travel for the season would be made at the next open meeting once all the quotes were in. Alan S advised that he planned to do a quiz as well as a golden goal competition on the coach.

Heart Monitors – we have been advised by Liam that the heart monitors that we purchased for Huw and Peter are no longer required. Phil confirmed that we had paid £2500 for these and Rob had advised that Huw Griffith had approached him to buy them for £500. The committee have seen this as a derogatory offer and will not recommend it to the members. The committee would not accept a fee without consulting the members first, however Alan D offered to set up an e-bay account with the possibility of selling them on e-bay with a reserve price if the members agreed.

Newsletters – Andy K and Martin will work on a newsletter and try and issue by the end of July. Dave Roberts has offered his services to create an new database and is currently working on this to enable us to send to as many members as possible.

Meeting with Club – The committee will try and arrange a meeting with the club prior to the start of the season. Rob will formally put in a request for suitable dates with Haydn, Charlie and Sam and the plan is to invite members to put forward questions for the board.

Meeting with Richard Hughes of Caterforce – Rob has had difficulty contacting Richard and Sam Moran has offered to contact him on our behalf.

Pledges will continue as per last season and Julia will look after.

Membership renewals – Julia will take over from Rob and work with Dave Roberts to tidy up the database. A new renewal booklet has been published and Alan J has devised the front cover.

Band Nights – the following events have been organised:
U18’s 18th July – charity night for Queenscourt Hospice
6th September – Camarillas
20th September – Reggae Band(organised by Dave Sheekey)

Alan D advised that the Camarillas would need paying and that the event would have to be heavily marketed and promoted to ensure that TIY made money. In addition we have been advised that Fag Ash Lil will be playing at the grandstand on 26th September. This is not a trust event, but these are a very popular band in Southport and TIY have been offered the chance to do a fundraiser on the night(raffle etc).
Paul G also advised that a band called Paradox In My Pantry have offered to organise some events similar to the u-18’s with an Oct/Nov date in plan. There would be no cost to the trust.

Future meetings – it was agreed that society board meetings and open meetings would take place alternatively on a monthly basis. Supporters Direct recommended that we have society board meetings on a regular basis.
The next meetings are:
Open Meetings: Wednesday 6th August (please note change from provisional date)
Thursday 9th October
Society Board Meetings: Thursday 4th September
Thursday 6th November

Events – Race Night including player and management has been booked for 4th October.
Murder Mystery – Alan S and Paul G to continue to work on
Shoot out – 10th August for Fight for Life at Waterside Lodge – subject to Steve Wignall being available to bring to game. Any volunteers required.

Washaway for shop – Alan D to look at, but Paul G suggested fitting a water butt.

TIY Office – Phil and Rob have keys. The office will be open pre-season on matchdays and after matches. Rob and Phil would open up and the office would be manned by volunteers.

Visiter article – Rob will speak with Haydn to confirm flyer are still going ahead. It was agreed at the previous meeting that the club would allow TIY promotion in the flyers with a tie in article in the Visiter for the cost of the fliers. Alan Jones would contact Dave Chalmers to confirm and construct an article.

Player sponsorship – it was recommended that we continue with the player sponsorship and suggested one of the local lads, Connolly or Powell would be a suitable option. This would be put to the members at the next meeting.

Book – The book is now in print. The committee would like to thank Alan Jones for his significant contribution with the book. We are awaiting confirmation from the printer as to when the book will be available in order to arrange a launch date. Ideally 19th August would be ideal as it would be exactly 30 years on. It was suggested that we try and tie in the launch with another audience with……... event.

Society Board members roles and responsibilities:

Peter Rigby – chairman
Alan Scarisbrick – vice chairman and coach travel.
Chair and vice chair to be ratified at next open meeting.
Phil C – treasurer
Paul I – secretary
Paul G – event co-ordinator
Alan J – press officer
Andy K – website co-ordinator
Martin – newsletters in co-ordination with Andy K
Julia – memberships
Alan D – contact for exiles/ band nights
Rob – club liason/PR

There are various volunteers that also help out that are not on the committee and it was emphasised that all volunteers would be welcomed in roles and that there were seats still available on the society board.

Projects – it was recommended that we shortlist projects that are within our budget and take them to the club and the next formal meeting. The suggestions were catering, disabled facilities and renovation of the grandstand bar.

Finances – Phil advised that balances stood at £8991.15 with £1500 cleared for the publication of the book and £400 paid out for a shareholding in Southport Football Club.

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