Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Monday 23 April

Apologies: Paul I, Bill S, Andy K.

1. Matters raised by Liam Watson

The Trust board was joined by Liam Watson, who wanted to discuss possible ways in which the Trust could help Kevin Lee after it was confirmed he has been forced to retire due to injury. Kevin has ruptured five of his knee ligaments and future surgery will be needed.

Kevin is 24 and currently studying at university. The club has fulfilled its obligations under his contract which finishes at the end of the season and Liam is trying to arrange a benefit match to help Kevin in the immediate future. Given the exceptional circumstances and the fact Kevin has become a fans’ favourite, Liam would like the Trust to consider a project which would help Kevin in the longer-term.

For example, payment of £100 a week over 38 to 40 weeks would allow Kevin to pursue his coaching badges or enable him to stay at the club in a scouting capacity. Liam said he sees Kevin as someone who has a lot to offer off the pitch and is possibly a future coach or manager. He feels it would be appropriate if such a gesture came from the fans.

The Trust would be keen to help and the most popular suggestion was to arrange a match involving supporters and players which can be incorporated into a family fun day. The scheduled cricket match can also be used as a fundraiser.

The board will consider the arrangements for such an event and will try to make an early decision so it can take place during pre-season. Although unlikely to strictly be a Trust project, it can be coordinated by the Trust. The Trust will look to set up a separate bank account for the purposes of transparency.

Liam also took the opportunity to thank the fans for their support during the season. The board congratulated Liam and the players for their achievements over the campaign.

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

To recognise the team’s achievements this season and the enjoyment they have given supporters, the Trust has bought beer for the players at a cost of £45 for after the final match of the season.

3. Treasurer’s Report

The current total bank balances stand at £23,248.52. After allowing for creditors, the net funds available amount to £22,352.78. A donation of £200 has been made by Champion Newspapers for the match photos provided by Julia U. 135 copies of the brochure marking the club’s record-breaking eight straight away wins have been sold so far.

4. Memberships

The current membership is 240.

5. Sponsored run to Grimsby

Colin Aindow sets off on his 160-mile run to Grimsby on Wednesday. A number of Trust board members have arranged to help Colin over the four days and he will be joined for a few miles on day one by former Southport player Ged Kielty.

Although sponsorships had initially been slow coming in, Colin is pleased with the funds raised in recent weeks and is hopeful of reaching his £2,000 target. Colin was very pleased with the response he received at Saturday’s match against Ebbsfleet United. £300 was raised through the bucket collection and an additional £272 on sponsorship forms.

Colin thanked supporters for their messages of support and sponsorships.

6. Coach trips

Three coaches will be running to the final game of the season at Grimsby, with 124 bookings so far.

A profit of £742 has been made on coach travel this season and this has mainly been used to subsidise the Grimsby coaches.

After the disappointment of being unable to run the planned weekend and day trips this season, an early decision will be made about the plans for next season once the fixtures are published.

7. Floodlights project

The Trust had been told by the club that the application for the Football Foundation grant was due to submitted for consideration in April. The Trust had tried to contact Charlie Clapham to ensure the application was still being submitted in April but has so far received no response. The Trust is very disappointed by the lack of communication from the club and will consider how best to proceed.

8. Other fundraising and events

A decision on when the suggested Programme Fair will take place once next season’s fixtures are released. The Trust has been in contact with a local dealer to discuss organising the event and arrangements will be made soon.

9. AOB

The Trust has been contacted by Supporters Direct, who wish to use the article produced by Phil C which appeared in the April newsletter comparing the finances of Southport and Fleetwood Town.

The Trust’s website domain is due for renewal on 2 June.

10. Next meeting

24 May (members).

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