Meeting Minutes - 06/10/2009

Apologies: Paul Isenwater, Alan Drury
The Trust has put in £2970 into running the reserves so far, a combination of paying bills directly (eg for coaches) and making payments into the club’s account. The club has £500 of this money left. The first share certificate was received for the initial £2000 payment. The Trust has £13,500 in the bank with the estimated cost for this season’s reserves £7525. The first three games yielded an income of £475 and the club says that Learning Skills Council funding will be in place to fund the reserves in the future. The Trust’s logo will also be on the shorts at the next game.

Trust Publicity, Marketing & Fundraising
A quiz evening with Geoff Wilde and Michael Braham has been set for the 12th of November with tickets priced at £3 for members and £4 for non-members. As yet no date has been set for the race night.
Meeting With Club & Questions For The Chairman
The following questions were put forward to be asked to Mr Clapham:-
What is the future of the reserves and the club’s youth development scheme?
Why is there so little commercial activity?
Why are there so little links with the community?
What is being done about the pricing policy?
What is happening with the catering?
Are there any plans for ground developments?
Do you have any ambition to see the club progress up the leagues?
What is your succession plan?
As yet Mr Clapham has not responded to the Trust’s request for a meeting and if this continues the Trust will press further.
Other Business
The question was asked as to why membership has dropped and what could be done to boost it, membership currently standing at 193. It was suggested that the Trust could get more involved with SFC Juniors. Nick Catterall was elected onto the Trust Board, meaning there are still two more positions that can be filled.
Next meetings
03/11/09 – Board Meeting
01/12/09 – Open Meeting


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