Society Board Meetings


1. Apologies for absence

Katrina, Noel

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

All were covered elsewhere on the agenda.

3. Treasurers report

The Trusts balance currently stands at £25,012. Of this £15,000 has been transferred to a 30 day notice savings account with Cambridge & Counties bank. This earns an interest rate of 1.5%, generating some £19 per month. The next match signs have cost £325 so far and a total of £1,400 has been raised from new memberships and membership renewals since the start of July.

4. Membership

Bill reported that the Trust currently has 208 members not including November renewals. Some memberships were renewed in response to the reminder e-mails which were sent out.

5. Cooperation with the club

In response to the club issuing a statement that work has commenced on the floodlights, the Trust will seek to contact the club with regards to the likely final costs and timescale of the project. Once the Trust is aware of its exact financial contribution to the floodlights project then other projects can be discussed and put into action.

6. Coach Travel

The coaches have run at a loss of £54 so far although some money is still owed to the Trust for the Dagenham trip. It was reported that Vision provided an excellent and reliable service. A special offer will be considered for the festive matches at Kidderminster and Wrexham. The arrangements for the weekend in Bristol were finalised with the cost being £97 for 2 nights accommodation and travel. Breakfast is available as an optional extra and coach travel to and from the ground will be included.

7. Liaising with local companies

These offers have proved to be popular with members especially the discounts available at Elite Positive Fitness. A Partners Page will soon be added to the Trust website which will allow for better publicity and easier navigation.

8. Fundraising

The Race Night will take place on Saturday 17th January after the Chester game. Gary Brabin will be asked to encourage the players to attend and race sponsors will be sought at £25 each. Luke George will be raising money for Diabetes UK by growing his beard between now and the end of the season. Those donating will have the chance to vote whether to save or shave the beard either online or by dropping money into specific boxes. The second Onion Bag book is being released in a couple of weeks time with all money raised from sales going to the Trust. An 04/05 players reunion is planned for next summer with a possible fans v players match and a quiz in the bar afterwards.

9. Other Trust events

The proposed meet the manager session has been put on hold due to a lack of home Saturday fixtures. The next possible date is Saturday 13th December but this is dependent on cup draws.

10. Membership of Trust Board

With James Treadwell offering his resignation there is now an opening on the Trust Board for anyone who wishes to join.

11. Any other business


12. Dates of next meeting

Tuesday 16th December - Members

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Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Wednesday 24 September


Andy K


1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising.

All dealt with elsewhere on the agenda.


2. Treasurer’s report

Phil C reported that the Trust’s current balance is £24,827.27 including net funds available at £24,684.27.

Since the last meeting, the balance of £840 has been paid to the club in relation to the primary schools coaching scheme for 2013/14 following receipt of supporting documents. This takes the Trust’s total outlay for the sponsorship of this scheme to £2,340.

The trophies for all of this season’s awards have been bought for £53.75. The first quarterly payment has been received from Easyfundraisng in the sum of £60.08, while coach travel for the four away trips to date has generated a surplus of £42. Membership renewals and donations since the start of July total £1,120.


3. Memberships

The Trust’s current membership stands at 237 and Bill S advises a number of renewals are due in September and October.


4. Liaising with local companies

Colin has done a great amount of work in looking to establish links local companies, the latest of which is Elite Positive Fitness, a gym on Virginia Street.

Mark Walls from the gym has offered Trust members a range of excellent discounts and is very keen to work with the Trust to engage with the local community.

Colin, Noel and James will meet with Mark to confirm the Trust’s interest and arrange a promotional photo. The partnership with the gym and offers for members will then be publicised.

Contact with local barbers and restaurants have also been made. Dan Hayes will be asked to add a corporate partners’ page to the Trust website.


5. Coach travel

The small profit from the trip to Telford United was used to subsidise the coaches to Chester and Macclesfield Town, which both ran at a loss.

A special thanks to Phil for making arrangements at late notice with Cambraco to run a smaller coach to Macclesfield as there were insufficient bookings to run the usual coach.

This was the first time the Trust has used a Cambraco coach and the service was well-received. The general feeling was that the smaller coach would probably not be suitable for longer distance trips.

It is highly unlikely that a coach will run to either Grimsby or Braintree due to the lack of bookings.

Initial enquiries will be made in relation to the suggested weekend visit to Bristol.


6. Roles within the Trust Board

There was discussion about developing further roles for board members. The following roles were discussed and will be added to:

Matchday Trust office: Phil / Alan S

Coaches: Phil / Alan S

Newsletter: Martin

Memberships: Bill

Links with local businesses: Colin

Publicity / press: Alan J

Website: Andy

Arrangements for meetings: Martin

Child welfare: Noel

Social media: Colin, Alan J

Liaison with club: James

Player of the Month: Colin, Alan J, Noel

Pledges: Katrina

Next match signs: Phil / Colin


7. Co-operation with the club

Contact will be made with the club in relation to progress with the floodlights project.

Haydn Preece attended the Trust’s AGM and it is likely that he will again be looking for sponsorship of the primary schools coaching scheme.


8. Twitter account

With more than 900 followers, the twitter account has become an important method of interacting with supporters and making initial contact with a number of businesses.

The account receives a range of views and feedback from supporters and is also used to promote Trust activities and coach travel.

Efforts will be made to bring the Trust’s Facebook up to date.


9. Awards

The Player of the Month award will continue to run this season and the Trust has received good feedback following the presentation of the August award.

The Trust will look to put together a package including a season’s membership for the supporter who presents the award every month.

Arrangements for the Fan of the Season will be made later in the year.


10. Fundraising

The Race Night is likely to be held after either the match against Braintree Town on 6 December or Chester on 17 January.

Arrangements will be made once Maz at the Grandstand Bar is available and contact will then be made with Tony Adams and Rob Urwin.


11. Results of questionnaire on attendances

The Trust received 21 replies to the questionnaire distributed at the opening match against Forest Green. The results will be published in the next members’ newsletter and passed onto Haydn at the club.


12. Any other business



13. Date of next meeting

21 October (members).


14. Action points

Meet with Elite Positive Fitness: Colin, Noel, James

Promote link with Elite Positive Fitness: Colin, Alan J

Look into the running of and updating the Facebook page: Alan S, Colin, Noel

Make enquiries regarding Race Night with Maz (when available), Tony and Rob: Alan S

Arrange voting for Player of the Month, collect votes and oversee presentation: Colin, Alan J, Noel

Make initial enquiries regarding weekend trip to Bristol: Phil

Contact club regarding progress with floodlights: James, Noel

Next newsletter: Martin

Programme article v Lincoln: Martin

Trust office / Bookings for coach trips: Phil, Alan S

Publicise coach trips / next meeting: Phil, Alan J, Colin

Publish results of questionnaire: Martin

Contact members due for renewal: Bill

Contact Dan Hayes to add a business partners page to website: Alan J

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1. Apologies for absence

Katrina, Colin

2. Matters arising from last meeting

All were covered elsewhere on the agenda.

3. Treasurers report

The Trusts balance currently stands at GBP24652. GBP100 has been set aside for World Cup Sweepstake prize money with GBP41 currently available to put towards future coach trips. GBP1500 has been paid out for community coaching which covers up until the end of January. GBP76.50 has been paid to the winner of last seasons prediction league Phillipa Preece and fees for the website have been paid up to 2016.

4. Membership

There has been some response to the reminder e-mails sent out to lapsed members with a couple of renewals and one new member being gained. Leaflets promoting the Trust were given out at the Everton friendly and will continue to be distributed along with booklet versions of the monthly Newsletter. A couple of local businesses have responded with regards to offering discounts to Trust members and this will now be pursued further.

5. Report of meeting with the club on 9th July

The club confirmed that the new floodlights will be in situ sometime in November and says there may be a friendly game to act as an official switch on. Plans and estimates are unknown at this time but Charlie Clapham projected that the overall cost may now be in the low GBP80000s. The Trusts contribution remains at 25% up to GBP100000. With regards to community coaching Haydn Preece says he wishes to present to the Trust and its members the different strands of coaching being offered by the club and will be invited to a meeting in the future to do this. The club also wants the Trust to look into improving disabled facilities.

6. Roles within Trust Board

Board members were asked what roles they would like within the Trust and these will be finalised after the AGM.

7. Coach Travel

Quotes for next season have been received from Elite Travel and Huyton based Cambreco. Overall Elite are GBP120 cheaper but Cambreco offer cheaper prices for the longer distance trips. This is due to their ability to access smaller vehicles which Elite cannot do. A trial game was suggested using a 24 seater vehicle to see how this would be received by supporters. With regards to the weekend trip Bristol in April is the leading candidate at the moment.

8. Trust Events

Confirmation will be sought shortly that the proposed Meet the Manager session will go ahead. The 18th October and 1st November were put forward as possible dates for the annual Race Night. A quiz night was also discussed possibly taking place sometime in the New Year. The AGM will be held on Tuesday 2nd September.

9. Fundraising

The Trust is keen to get back involved with the Band Nights if they are resurrected by the club. These were very successful previously raising over GBP2000 in just a couple of years. Easysearch is currently raising GBP3 per week for the Trust with the Webshop having raised GBP90 thus far. Katrina has taken over the pledges which raised GBP272 last season.

10. Any other business

The next match signs will continue next season. Enquiries will be made to Merseyrail regarding increased publicity for the club on trains and at stations etc.

11. Dates of next meeting

Tuesday 2nd September - AGM

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1. Apologies for absence


2. Matters arising from last meeting

The FA’s plans for a ‘League Three’ have been put on the backburner following huge opposition from clubs and Supporters Trusts from around the country.

3. Treasurers report

The Trusts balance currently stands at £24,427. A payment of £106 has been made for the continued hosting of the website until May 2016. The Trust has received £16.62 from the Easyfundraising online shopping and search facility to date and the annual return to the Financial Conduct Authority has been signed and submitted. Coaches ran at a net loss of £364 for 13/14 largely due to the £393 subsidy of the coaches to Tamworth on Non-League Day. Subsidies totalling £651 were received from Charlie Clapham to cover losses on trips to Gateshead and Welling.

4. Membership

Bill has sent e-mails out to lapsed members. Leaflets will be distributed at some of the home friendlies promoting the Trust.

5. Membership of Trust Board

The Trust would like to thank Rob and Julia Urwin for all their hard work after they decided to step down from the board. James Treadwell and Noel Warham have been invited to replace them and will be co-opted onto the board at the Trust’s AGM. Once this has happened each board member will be assigned a specific role within the Trust.

6. Targets for 2014/15

A number of possible incentives for members were discussed including discounts in the club shop, an extension of the club’s early bird season ticket deadline and discounts with local businesses. The latter could also be a way to increase the Trust’s profile around the town.

7. Cooperation with the club

The Trust is again disappointed about the lack of communication from the club especially with regards to the floodlights project. No estimates have been received and no plans have been seen and a meeting with the club is still being sought to clarify these matters. There has also still been no feedback regarding the primary school coaching.

8. Coach Travel

Quotes have been obtained from Cambraco Travel which includes the cost of hiring a minibus to matches. Other local companies will be canvassed and it was pointed out that the same company doesn’t have to be used all season. From next season junior prices will be 50% of the full adult price rather than a third. The weekend away will hopefully take place in either March or April depending on fixtures.

9. Fundraising and other events

The World Cup sweepstake is underway and the Trust would like to thank Alan Jones once again for his superb artwork. Tilly the TIY Teddy now has a Twitter account and is currently in the USA as she begins her globetrotting. The easyfundraising scheme will be promoted at the friendlies in the hope that more supporters will sign up. The Trust would like a player to liaise with next season with regards to promoting events to the players such as the Race Night etc.

10. Arrangements for AGM

The AGM will probably take place towards the end of August with 2 weeks notice needing to be provided. Alan Scarisbrick and Katrina Taylor are the board members up for re-election.

11. Any other business

The Trust will sponsor a player again next season. The Player of The Month award will continue in the same format with younger supporters making the presentations.

12. Dates of next meetings

Monday 21st July - Board

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The minutes of tonight's meeting will be online within the next couple of days.
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