Society Board Meetings

Minutes of TIY board meeting 2/11/09

Present:- Alan Scarisbrick (Chair), Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Alan Jones, Bill Sloan, Phil Carder, Nick Catterall, Martin Robinson.

1. Apologies;  Paul Isenwater, Alan Drury, Ben Kelly

2. Minutes of previous meetings. There were no matters on the minutes of the last open and board meetings that weren’t covered on the agenda. The co-option of Ben Kelly onto the board was confirmed.

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Minutes Of Board Meeting - 10th September

Present:- Alan Scarisbrick (Chair), Alan Drury, Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Alan Jones, Bill Sloan, Phil Carder, Martin Robinson.
Apologies;- Paul Isenwater, Paul Glendenning.

1. Reserve Team.
The discussion began with the meeting expressing pleasure at the way the team had started the season. Congratulations to Allan Smart and his players. The meeting was also really pleased to see how Liam had included several young reserve players in the squad and shown the value of the reserve team to the club.

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Minutes Of Society Board Meeting - 9th July

In attendance: Paul I, Alan D, Alan J, Phil C, Alan S, Rob U, Julia U, Andy K, Martin R, Bill S.

Apologies Paul G

Invited attendees: Haydn Preece, Anita Shaw(reserve team secretary), Matthew(Junior co-ordinator via Facebook)

Facebook coordinator Matthew put forward several ideas he suggested for promoting the juniors around the town particularly at his school, Birkdale High. He has already approached the headmaster about the club sending in representatives to present at an assembly and Haydn said it would not be an issue for Alan and Matty to go in and if Matthew could provide some dates with the headmaster, then he would arrange for them to come in, give away some tickets and promote the club.

Matthew also queried Haydn on the pricing structure for Juniors, stating it was far too expensive and not in sync with the other prices and asked TIY to push the point with Charlie as there was still a chance that something could be done prior to the season.

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Minutes Of Society Board Meeting - 23rd April 2009

Attendees: Phil C, Alan S, Martin R, Bill S, Paul I, Rob U, Julia U,
Apologies: Alan D, Alan J, Paul G, Andy K
Accounts – Phil advised that that he had received a virus on his computer which has corrupted the records for the accounts. He has advised that he will not have the accounts re-formatted and ready for sign off for the initial AGM date and the AGM will be put back to a later date. The accounts have to be with the FSA by the end of August and Phil advised that the date would not be an issue.
 The balance of the account stands at £15030.06 and includes some money from the TIY anniversary event which made £514.70 on the night. It was agreed to donate £350 to Steve Haw’s charity. TIY would like to thanks Rob and Julia for their efforts in coordinating these events.
 There is a prize of £50 to pay out for the prediction competition and TIY had raised £733 from two recent U-18 band nights. TIY would like to thanks Paul G for his efforts in arranging these events. Bank interest is accumulating at 0.05% on the deposit account. It was also noted that membership of Supporters Direct had accidently lapsed and the documents had been completed with a cheque ready to be sent off.
Membership currently stands at 202 and Bill Sloan has agreed to take the role of membership secretary and Rob will liase with the handover.
The aim will be to create a new membership pack which re-iterates TIY’s aims and objectives, includes an achievements list, a questionnaire and role for junior members. It was also suggested to create an A4 leaflet with similar information and hand out for the start of the season.

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Minutes of Society Board Meeting - 5th February 2009

Present: Paul Isenwater, Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Alan Drury, Alan Scarisbrick, Phil Carder, Martin Robinson
Apologies: Alan Jones, Paul Glendenning

Matters arising from previous minutes:
Harrogate letter- the trust has received a reply back from the conference, but no response from Harrogate. The reply from the conference acknowledged the letter and advised that all the clubs had received notification on standard procedures for this kind of event. Phil had drafted a follow up letter, which was signed by Alan Scarisbrick and will be forwarded to Harrogate.
Flyers- the trust have received a copy of an order form, but no invoice.

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