Open Meetings

Minutes of members' meeting - Thursday 24th October

1, Apologies for absence

Katrina Taylor


2. Matters arising from last meeting

James Cave has kindly been helping with the match updates at home games. Haydn Preece stated that the club may be in a position to make a major announcement regarding development off the pitch in the next couple of months.


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Trust In Yellow Members Meeting - Thursday 24th October, 2013


1.  Apologies for Absence

2.  Minutes of last meeting/Action Points and matters arising

3.  Treasurer’s report

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Minutes of Trust in Yellow Members' Meeting - Thursday 21 March

Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 21 March

Apologies (board members): Paul I, Bill S, Martyn O.


1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The Trust has received excellent feedback following the presentation to Earl Davis, including from Earl himself. Colin A was thanked for helping to arrange the event.

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Minutes Of Members' Meeting 10th Jan 2013

Apologies Martin OH

Matters from last minutes: - no more issue advised regarding website being compromised. Earl Davis has agreed to come back to the club for a presentation and a date is being negotiated.Noresponse to complaint about stewarding at Mansfield.

Treasurer’s report – Accounts stand at just under £25K once costs taken into account. Public liability renewed at same rate, but liability on number of people reduced to maintain quote. Coach travel at surplus of £15, but King’s Lynn trip subsidised to £100-150. £15K held in higher deposit account (1.5%) matures mid July.

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Minutes of Trust in Yellow Members’ Meeting - Thursday 19 July

Apologies from board members: Paul I, Martyn O.

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Jonathan O’Byrne reported on behalf of the group organising the fundraising project for Kevin Lee which will be launched shortly. A new website has been created using the Trust's current hosting service and a separate bank account is now open. The target for the project will be to raise £3,800 over the coming season and donations have already been received. A match between supporters and players will be held on Sunday 16 September.

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