Open Meetings

Minutes Of Meeting - 31/01/07

Att 25

Publicity for the directional signs has now been printed in the press. The trust is slightly disappointed that some of the quotes were edited and came across as slightly misleading. The online petition is now active and we have signatures building up. A manual petition will up and running for the Forest Green game and volunteers are required to help out on the day.

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Minutes of Meeting – 14/12/06

Att 19

Updates – membership now stands at 322

Finance – balance of the bank account stands at £4185, all signs/coaches paid for and cheque for shares has been sent, but not cashed yet and no certificate has been received yet. No monies yet received from Supporters Direct.


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Minutes Of Meeting - 30/11/06

Attendance 27

Updates – membership has jumped in the last two weeks and has now reached 319 members
Finances- the bank account now stands at £4612.44 and a second bank account has been opened, with a better interest rate. All five signs have been paid for in full. As per the EGM, Phil made enquiries about the minimum shareholding in Pinewise Ltd t/a Southport Fottball Club. The legal minimum is £1, but practically the club would take anything over £50. It was agreed that the club would purchase £100 of shares.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 28/10/06

Att 19
All Prospective committee members in attendance

Dixon, Raven, Marsden solicitors are happy to provide a 10% discount for all trust members on production of their trust membership card. Although they are based in Leyland, they do home visits and because of their location their charges are more competitive than in the Southport area. Dixon, Raven, Marsden have advised they are keen to take out corporate membership.


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Minutes Of Meeting - 12/10/06

Apologies: Paul Isenwater

1. Update
2. Signs
3. EGM
4. Shop
5. AOB

1. Update-Race night was a wholehearted success £1,320 was raised. Membership is now 306.
Bank-balance is currently £4,775. The trust shop has raised £106 and was considered to be successful considering a zero outlay.
No monies as yet have been received from Supporters Direct. No progress has been made in respect of the floodlight project.
Phil suggested that Elite travel could be approached to accept electronic payment if their bank details are received

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