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Minutes Of Meeting - 30/08/07

Att 16
Apologies Alan D
Paul OB

Finances – Phil advised that the accounts stood at £8495.92. There was further cash to bank that would take us to around £8650 and the U'11's sponsorship was still to be paid.
Members – since the start we have had 372 members, however there are 242 current members and quite a few whose membership has expired and is waiting to be renewed.

Race Night – all eight races are now sponsored, the players have taken a race and the horse and jockeys are still being sold. A team of volunteers is required at 2pm on Saturday to help push the sale of ticket and horses and jockeys. Rob advised that the format will be different from last year as we are running the race night ourselves and anyone with technical experience to ensure that the DVD runs smoothly from laptop to projector would be appreciated. The food has been arranged, Alan D has been asked to bring the PA system and Jon is talking to the local radio stations about find a host and also to promote.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 09/08/07

Att 39

Finances – The account balance currently stands at £8257.00 and the payment for the heart monitors and the new signs have now gone through.
Membership – 256 members are currently enrolled although and we have had 364 members since the trust formed. Rob advised that he expected the membership figure to rise to around 300 due to members not yet renewing. In addition we have two new corporate members in Brighouse Solicitors and Bargain Booze and one potential new corporate sponsor.
Heart Monitors – Huw has now received 20 heart monitors rather than the 10 initially advised and they are now in use. Huw is delighted and has offered his thanks for the purchase and is happy to provide the trust with any publicity they wish.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 12/07/07

Att 20

Apologies Paul Glendenning
Alan Drury

Finances – balances currently stand at £9488.59. There are no outstanding bills to pay and membership renewals are starting to come through.
Renewals – all those with e- mail addresses have been notified that their renewals are due. We have received a few renewals already and volunteers were requested to help with handing out the packs. There has been a positive response and we currently have 348 members.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 21/06/07

Att 23
Apologies: Alan Drury
Update on finances – bank account stands at £9306 with a bill for £206 for merchandise to come out. We have a winner as an agent of the goalden lottery and the trust earn £5 commission.
Trust building – work has been continuing on the trust building. A sliding window is still needed to be sourced (Dan and Paul G to follow up). The stud wall is up, the door is in, the counter is in, the plastering has been done and the electrics checked although some plugs need to be done. An electric sander has been requested for the counter. Work should be completed in time for the new season.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 10/05/07

Apologies: Paul Glenndening
Alan Drury
Att 21

Phil advised that the bank balance currently stands at £8555 of which £345 must be retained as share capital and £500 as deposits for the book. Thus the trust has approximately £7500 available for expenditure.
The auction raised around £1400 and the supporters match around £800.

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