Open Meetings

Meeting Minutes - 06/10/2009

Apologies: Paul Isenwater, Alan Drury
The Trust has put in £2970 into running the reserves so far, a combination of paying bills directly (eg for coaches) and making payments into the club’s account. The club has £500 of this money left. The first share certificate was received for the initial £2000 payment. The Trust has £13,500 in the bank with the estimated cost for this season’s reserves £7525. The first three games yielded an income of £475 and the club says that Learning Skills Council funding will be in place to fund the reserves in the future. The Trust’s logo will also be on the shorts at the next game.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 14th May

Att – approx 45
Committee Present – Phil C, Alan S, Martin R, Bill S, Paul I, Rob U, Julia U, Andy K,
Apologies – Alan D, Paul G, Alan J
Review of previous minutes – Paul I advised that a formal letter had been sent to Sam and to Charlie to request a meeting and the trust has now received a letter back from Sam saying that he will co-ordinate a meeting likely to be in June.
 A further request was put out the use of a van to help move the chairs from Peter Rigby’s house back to the club. Phil advised that the cost of hiring a van would be around £40.

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Minutes Of Open Meeting - 19/03/09

Committee members present: Alan S, Rob U, Julia U, Phil C, Martin R, Alan J, Alan D, Paul G, Andy K.

Matters arising from previous meetings: The seats are still at Peter Rigby’s house. There has been movement on the house but there is no time-scale on when any possible transaction may take place. Paul Glendenning has offered his basement as a temporary measure. The Trust has been advised that a Portakabin to store the seats in would cost in the region of £6000. A garage type structure could be built for around £750 and also used for storing additional items. Haydn Preece wants future accountability meetings to be open to all Trust members


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Minutes Of Open Meeting - 27th November

Committee present: Peter Rigby, Phil Carder, Paul Isenwater, Alan Scarisbrick, Andy Kelly, Alan Drury, Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Martin Robinson

Apologies: Paul Glendenning, Alan Jones  Peter Rigby reminded the attendees that the open meetings were for members and non – members had one opportunity to attend before joining, otherwise they would be asked to leave.

Minibus – at the previous meeting it was suggested that we approach the club regarding the purchase of a minibus in exchange for shares in the football club. Peter has informally approached the club and the club have agreed the proposal. Since the discussions the club have now informed the trust that they have the option to purchase the minibus currently used for youth team matches for a fee of £5000 from Caterforce. The vehicle is a 17 seat minibus with an upgraded engine. Steve Wignall agreed to go and inspect the vehicle.

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Minutes Of Open Meeting - 9th October 2008

Att: 26
Committee members present: Alan S, Rob U, Peter R, Phil C, Julia U, Martin R, Paul G, Andy K.
Apologies: Paul I, Alan J.
Finances, membership and book update – Finances currently stand at over £14,000 with £790.45 having been raised at the race night. There is still £90 to come from the players and Stroud Engineering which will raise the figure closer to £800. Membership is now 201 having picked up from about 140. There are 45 books left to sell at the current time.

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