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Minutes of TIY Members' Meeting. 14th October

Apologies: Julia U, Paul I, Andy K, Nick C

1.Minutes of previous meeting

No matters arising

 2. Treasurer’s report

Phil C advised the Trust’s current balance is £9,853.00, which includes advance payments on future coach trips. The Trust has paid £150 in player sponsorship for Matty McGinn and £190 for the first eight “next match” signs this season.

The recent race night raised £762, and Liam Watson and the first team squad were thanked for their attendance and participation. A loss of £188 has been made on coaches for the first five away trips of the season.

The Trust has paid the total sum of £11,694 for the funding of last season’s reserve team and has now received all shares that were due in return. The Trust currently holds 12,194 shares in the club, equating to around 4% of the club’s issued capital, making it the fifth largest shareholder.


Bill S reported the current membership is just short of 190. A number of renewals were due in August and September, and several remain outstanding. It is pleasing that a number of memberships that had lapsed in recent years are now being renewed.

4.Progress of  joint long-term project with the club

It was confirmed to members that this project will be to raise money for new floodlights at Haig Avenue. The scheduled meeting with representatives from the club on 2 October was cancelled at the request of Charlie Clapham to allow the club to obtain further quotes for new floodlights. The delay in meeting the club is frustrating, however opportunities for a meeting are limited as Sam Shrouder is only usually available before Saturday home matches.

5 Fundraising

Specific fundraising events should begin to take shape once the meeting with the club’s board has taken place. One activity suggested was a golf day, while members were reminded that the Trust can earn commission if they join the club’s Goalden Lottery through the Trust. The floodlights project will require a lot of fundraising and ideas from all members are welcome.

6 Players’ Reunion, 2011

This reunion takes place every 10 years and has traditionally been reserved for the club’s former Football League players. However, as discussed at the previous board meeting, the Trust is keen to now open up the event to Non-League players and supporters. Arrangements will continue to be discussed with Geoff Wilde. The Floral Hall is the likely venue.

7 Coach Travel

The coach to Grimsby Town on Saturday is full after successfully publishing a special price for members. It was decided that the coach to the FA Cup match at Wrexham on 23 October will be published in a similar way, despite the lack of a home match beforehand. Prices will be £8 members if paid in advance, £12 non-members, departing Haig Avenue at 12 noon. If enough interest is shown, a second coach will be considered.


The Trust will not be buying a table at the club’s upcoming Sportsman’s Dinner. The possibility of placing a “next match” sign near Vincent’s Garden Centre on the approach to Kew will be looked into, while the Trust will look to sell the heart monitors it purchased a few years ago. A Meet the Manager session with Liam Watson and an open forum with possibly Haydn Preece and Russ Broadbent will take place, with 18 November set as the provisional date.

9. Dates of next meetings

18 November (Meet the Manager and Open Form, provisional), 25 November (board), 9 December (members).

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T.I.Y. Members' Meeting. Thursday 14th October.

The next meeting for members of Trust In Yellow will be held on

Thursday, 14th October at 7-30pm in the Grandstand Bar

ALL members are very welcome to attend.



1. Minutes of last meeting and Matters arising

2. Treasurer’s report

3. Membership

4. Report on progress of joint long term project with club (Floodlights).

5. Fundraising

6. Players Reunion

7. Coach Travel

8. Any other business

9. Dates of next meetings.

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AGM. THURSDAY, 19th August

             Trust In Yellow Annual General Meeting

        Thursday, 19th August 2010. 7-30pm Grandstand Bar.


1. Apologies for Absence

2. Treasurer’s report and presentation of Annual accounts.

3. Vote on the election of board members.

4. Vote on the two items which have gone out to ballot*.

ITEM A.  Do you agree that the Trust should start discussions with the club with the view to working on raising money for a long term ground improvement project such as new floodlights, covered terracing, etc?

 (The Trust to obtain shares in the club for any money given for this project).

 ITEM B.   Do you think the Trust should organise fundraising events in the next few months to support ‘Liam Aid’ in providing additional money for the manager’s playing budget?

5.  Future Meetings and Discussions with the club.

6.  Race Night Saturday 18th September

7.  Other Fund Raising and Events.         

8.  Coach Travel

9.  Any other urgent business

10. Date of next Members’ Meeting

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Minutes of T.I.Y. Members' Meeting held on Thursday, July 8th

1.Minutes of previous board meeting.

Most matters were covered elsewhere but thanks were given to the friend of member Steve Montgomery who had offered to pay for advertising in the Southport Visiter for matches throughout the season. The adverts would also mention T.I.Y. but at no cost to the Trust.

2.Finances – Phil Carder gave a detailed hand out of accounts

At present the balance stood at £11,371.81 but this was before the outstanding £3800 for the reserve team manager’s expenses had been  paid.

Without that the reserve team funding provided totalled £ 7,894

The net SURPLUS on coach travel on the season was £791.

The hosting fee for the Trust website had been paid to the end of May 2012.

There was an outstanding invoice for £3800 from the club for the reserve team manager. At the meeting with the club assurances had been received about the invoices. They did agree with the original T.I.Y. estimates and it was agreed to pay money for that amount.

With the shares received so far and with the further amount due the Trust would become the fourth largest shareholder.

The T.I.Y. brochure ‘A Season to Savour’ to celebrate the Championship success had been very well received and was selling very well. Thanks to Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin and Alan Jones and all members involved in its production.


Bill Sloan reported that membership now stood at 199. The next month was very busy in terms of memberships being due for renewal and letters and email would be sent out reminding people to rejoin.

3.Feedback and discussion from meeting with club and actions to take forward.

A report was given on the meeting with the club which had taken place on Wednesday, 16th June after the club AGM.

The Trust had been represented by Martin Robinson, Rob Urwin, Nick Catterall, Julia Urwin and Bill Sloan. The club by Charlie Clapham, Sam Shrouder and Liam Watson.

The Trust had suggested this date to the club because we had been waiting so long for another meeting. Even so there was only limited time for discussions.


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NEXT MEMBERS' MEETING. Thursday, July 8th

The next meeting for members of Trust In Yellow will be held on

Thursday, 8th July at 7-30pm in the Grandstand Bar

The agenda will include a report back on the Trust's meeting with the club on the 16th June and also a discussion of plans for projects for the coming season.

ALL members are very welcome to attend.



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