At their last meeting board members discussed possible venues for the weekend trip this season. We decided that this needed to be in the New Year probably February or later to avoid high possibilities of postponements. The trip would leave on the Friday afternoon and return on the Sunday. Possible destinations are:-

Saturday, 6th February - Dover: Date of FA Trophy 3rd Round

Saturday, 20th February - Lincoln: Very nice city but we have already had a weekend there

Saturday, 27th February - Grimsby: For those who fancy a weekend in Cleethorpes this also unfortunately clashes with the FA Trophy 4th Rnd

Saturday, 19th March - Torquay: Date of FA Trophy Semi final

Saturday, 9th April - Boreham Wood: North London so possible time in London.

Saturday, 23rd April - Aldershot: To see one of our honorary members playing for the opposition!

One of those destinations stands out but the problem is whether ourselves or Torquay might reach the FA Trophy semifinal. If we were playing a semifinal at say Gateshead on that day the attractions of Torquay wouldn't be so great! And we might have large cancellations fees to face. Could we leave a booking until the New Year?

We would very much appreciate the thoughts of members especially those who are thinking of going on the trip Email your views to Martin Robinson at OR come into the Trust office to discuss it OR tell any Trust board member (for instance on one of our coach trips ) OR come along to the AGM. We would like to make a decision in early October if possible.

We need your views!

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