Are you going abroad this summer? Will you be attending a sporting event or a football match either at home or overseas?

If so, then Trust in Yellow want to hear from you.

The Trust has a new mascot, Tilly the TIY teddy, and we’re looking for as many fans as possible to take her to different places.

The Trust wants fans to get in touch to take Tilly on your travels and have your photo taken with her so they can be published.

It’s all a bit of fun, taking the name of the club and the Trust to various places, as well as getting different fans involved by having your photo taken and gathering them all together.

Photos will be published on the Trust website and Tilly’s twitter page, @tiytilly.

If you have something booked this summer, later on in the year or even next year, contact the Trust if you can help.

Get in touch by e-mailing fans@trustinyellow.com, by twitter to @trustinyellow or visit the Trust office of a matchday.

Already this summer Tilly has been to Los Angeles and San Francisco, where she saw the Giants play a Major League Baseball match. She is also due to go to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and of course we can’t forget the first pre-season friendly at Bootle.

So whether it’s Adelaide or Altrincham, Tenerife or Telford, let the Trust know when you are travelling and we’ll arrange for Tilly to go with you.

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