Minutes Of Open Meeting - 19/03/09

Committee members present: Alan S, Rob U, Julia U, Phil C, Martin R, Alan J, Alan D, Paul G, Andy K.

Matters arising from previous meetings: The seats are still at Peter Rigby’s house. There has been movement on the house but there is no time-scale on when any possible transaction may take place. Paul Glendenning has offered his basement as a temporary measure. The Trust has been advised that a Portakabin to store the seats in would cost in the region of £6000. A garage type structure could be built for around £750 and also used for storing additional items. Haydn Preece wants future accountability meetings to be open to all Trust members


Memberships: Remain around the 200 mark. The renewal period for many members is coming up.

Finances: Currently stand at £13,696. Income during last month included donations of £120 made in memory of Peter Rigby, £204 from the sales of books and programmes, £418 from the Burscough sponsored walk and a grant of £223.18 received from Supporters Direct.

Disabled Facilities: Regarding a lift for wheelchairs at the side of the main stand, a company has been found who can provide a lift for £7,400 plus VAT. Small changes may be needed to the stand for it to work and the club would need to view the lift and agree to its installation. It should be arriving at the ground in 2 weeks for a ‘test’. Is portable so could be hired out.

Next Match Signs: Autograph Signs of Hill Street will complete signs for remainder of the season. A location is still needed for the sign previously located at the Shelbourne hotel.

Events: Items are being donated for the Steve Haw night. Publicity is now needed. The next band night is on the 12th of April and will be fundraising for the Trust. These nights usually raise in the region of £300 each. More nights are planned for May and June. There will hopefully be another fans forum before the end of the season. A date shall be arranged for the players V supporters match as close to the end of the season as possible to allow for players holidays etc. Manager position will be auctioned off again. A possibility was mentioned of having the Player Of The Year awards afterwards.

Coaches: Have run at a deficit of £1,479 over the season so far. People who don’t turn up are now ‘blacklisted’ and required to pay a deposit whenever they book in the future. A minimum of 25 people need to travel on the coaches to make them viable with a ‘sliding scale’ of charges depending on whether 25, 35 or a full coach travel.

Website: It was agreed that this should be offered to schoolchildren to design with prizes for the winner.

AOB: Starting from next season Julia suggested that all primary schools in Southport could have a chance to play at Haig Avenue at half-time. Would be a one off experience with all children taking part awarded with a medal and certificate afterwards.

The purchase of a snake cable and drum used for the band nights was suggested by Paul Glendenning for the sum of £120. The drum would then be sold to Fag Ash Lil for £50-£60. All agreed.

There are still 3 vacancies on the TIY committee although Martyn O’Hara and Bill Sloan have both expressed an interest in joining. Someone is needed to take over the role of membership secretary as soon as possible.

Next board meeting - 23rd April.

AGM – 14th May.

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