Minutes Of SGM - 8th January 2009

Att 30

Committee in attendance: Rob U, Peter R, Paul I, Alan S, Andy K, Martin R, Phil C,

Apologies: Julia U, Alan D, Alan J, Paul G

Peter started the meeting by detailed how we got to the process of calling an SGM to purchase the minibus after a request for a minibus for the youth team was raised by the club in the meeting in September.

Peter then advised that a development had come to light this morning regarding the minibus purchase and he had received written confirmation from Charles Clapham which was followed by a phone call to clarify the club’s position.

  The chairman advised in his writings the following points:

   1. The club had concerns over the age of the minibus and the continual maintenance
   2. The SSES scheme would be expanded from 30 students to 60 students for next season, thus the use of a 17 seater minibus was less appropriate
   3. The cost of insurance was quoted at around £4000
   4. Worries of duty of care for named drivers, storeage, day to day upkeep and fuelling costs
   5. Club is still discussing the financial implications of running a reserve team
   6. Recommends to hang fire on the purchase of the minibus and allow the club to resolve travelling arrangements for the students
   7. Would be interested if the Trust would consider helping fund reserve travel, but understands that this would be an issue for the members to discuss.

We were also advised that a decision would be made end March as to whether a reserve team would proceed next season.

In view of the change in circumstances, it was decided that no vote would take place and any consideration of funding a reserve team travel needed further detail.

Harrogate – Phil has drafted a letter to the chairman of Harrogate, explaining the fiasco with the postponement and costs incurred by the trust and its supporters and requested recompense. The letter was read to those present and was agreed to be issues with immediate effect and forwarded to the chairman of Harrogate and the conference board.

Matters arising from previous meeting
– We have been told that the heart monitors are required for the SSES scheme.

Disabled facilities
– details of the meeting with the representatives of NADS had been posted in the last newsletter, but the main suggestion was to put the disabled supporters within the main stand and remove a section of seats. It was decided the best way to proceed would be to fit a lift as the entry to the stand was not really wide enough to create suitable ramps.

Martin has been looking into costings and has been advised that there may be suitable lifts on ebay for around £7000. A company called D& L lifts has provided Blyth with a lift and this would cost in the region of £13,000 plus annual maintenance charges. We are waiting for further contacts from Derby County to come back and advise on their lift. Martin to follow up.

Membership stands at 202 members.

Finances stand at £14333.00 in which the insurance cover had now been paid. A small amount of money had been received from the sponsored walk and quite a bit more was due. The bank are paying interest at 0.75% paying around £9 per month, but this did not take into affect the earlier interest rate cut announced by the Bank of England.

 Coach travel – Harrogate was full and ended up at Bradford Park Avenue with the agreement of those on board. In case of further late postponements it was agreed to purchase the Non –League Directory at a cost of £8.50 in order to contact clubs in the area to see whether any local games were on. Durham had 31 people booked on the coach at the time and a reminder of the alcohol rules was mentioned as per the article in the last newsletter.

It was also suggested that when the trust was not running a coach, to employ a car share scheme, where Alan Scarisbrick would be the point of contact for any enquiries.

– sponsored walk was successful, but it was noted that it wasn’t as high profile as last season. Still waiting for all funds to be received.

Rob suggested looking at a function around the club’s anniversary date, (April) which could include a talk by Geoff Wilde and Michael Braham on the history of Southport FC, a brain of Southport FC quiz, an auction and also incorporate the formalities of an AGM.

Band Nights would be looked at for further events with regards to the U18’s

The players v supporters match is still on the agenda and a date is trying to be arranged, but again is difficult with play off dates etc

AOB – it was suggested that as a large percentage of the flyers for the goalden lottery had not been distributed properly, it was suggested not to pay until a satisfactory explanation had been received.

Newsletters- Martin appealed for any members who were aware of members who had e-mail addresses, but were not receiving a copy of the newsletter, to contact him.

Pitch covers- it was suggested that we might want to consider looking at the purchase of pitch covers in light of the recent postponements

Phil advised in order to complete the annual accounts, he required a full membership list from Rob at the end of Jan.

Phil also was going to try and contact James to sign off the previous set of accounts.

The next society board meeting was scheduled for 5th February

The next open meeting was scheduled for 12th March.

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