Minutes Of Open Meeting - 27th November

Committee present: Peter Rigby, Phil Carder, Paul Isenwater, Alan Scarisbrick, Andy Kelly, Alan Drury, Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Martin Robinson

Apologies: Paul Glendenning, Alan Jones  Peter Rigby reminded the attendees that the open meetings were for members and non – members had one opportunity to attend before joining, otherwise they would be asked to leave.

Minibus – at the previous meeting it was suggested that we approach the club regarding the purchase of a minibus in exchange for shares in the football club. Peter has informally approached the club and the club have agreed the proposal. Since the discussions the club have now informed the trust that they have the option to purchase the minibus currently used for youth team matches for a fee of £5000 from Caterforce. The vehicle is a 17 seat minibus with an upgraded engine. Steve Wignall agreed to go and inspect the vehicle.

The matter was put to the members present and it was unanimously agreed to call an extraordinary general meeting on the 8th January to vote on a motion to purchase £6000 shares in Pinewise ltd, t/a Southport FC to cover the cost of purchase and first year costs and depreciation in line with the trust’s rules. Paul I would draft a motion and issue out to the membership. Peter would draft a formal letter to the club.

Disabled facilities
– N.A.D.s would visit the club on 16th December at 11am to inspect and advise on suitable locations and facilities for disabled spectators.

Catering – no further progress has been made with the club on the issue of catering and the trust would continue to push for feedback.

Heart monitors
– Haydn has advised that the youth team wish to use the heart monitors. Rob to seek more details. Otherwise the Gary Brabin option would be followed or the option to sell on a suitable website.

Flyers – the trust are still waiting for the flyers for the goalden lottery to be distributed in the Visiter Fans forum – the fans forum was seen as being a successful event and at the forum, Liam Watson confirmed that he wanted a reserve team. It was also noted that a future fans forum could include the chairman.

Supporters Direct
– at the previous meeting Jacqui Forster advised that SD had a deal on their site for public liability insurance. Phil has since been investigating costs for similar policies and has found a policy from a local broker through AXA for £262.60 which is a substantial reduction.  The motion was put to the members present to purchase this plan and was agreed.   Paul I and Martin went to a Supporters Direct training session last Sunday and advised that the course, which was free of charge, was worthwhile. Rob and Phil are to go on the next course in January. It was also noted that there was a significant amount of funding available for community projects through the co-operative group. Membership stands at 201 and finances stand at £14656 which excluded forward payments for future coach trips. The final payments have been received for the race night which raised £875. In addition £400 has been donated to the Sands charity from the last band night and a presentation will be made on the pitch. Phil also advised that having passed over details of our running costs to Jacqui, he had since received a cheque for £223 from Supporters Direct and we are entitled to further funds from the set up grant. The funds are gaining an interest of 1.75% per month and is earning around £20 per month. Phil also advised that the accounts had been passed over to James in order to audit to accounts before the AGM in April/May.

Coaches – Alan advised that the coach to Solihull currently has 28 bookings. He is taking bookings for Telford, Wrexham, Burscough, Altrincham and Harrogate. It was noted that there were no trains on boxing day, there were only 4 places available for Wrexham and the Altrincham trip would be £8 for members leaving Haig Avenue at 12.45.

– there are no band nights planned until the new year. The trust are looking at planning an event towards the end of the season and a fans match. The trust will also help out with the club’s annual Children’s Christmas party.   It was advised that Burscough are doing their sponsored walk on Boxing Day as well from Haig Ave. It was hoped that the two groups could join up.It was also recommended and agreed to split the monies raised, half of which will be for TIY and the remainder for two designated charities which were suggested for Clatterbridge and Help The Heros. This was agreed by those present. It was also suggested that we consider a designated charity on an annual basis and discuss at the AGM.

– Peter raised this as a topic for discussion as to whether the trust look at doing a long term project possibly as a joint venture with the club. It was decided to investigate further with both the club and via supporters direct on viability, costs and grants

AOB – it was noted that no venue had been found for the next match sign that was previously at the Shelbourne and another request would be put out.       

Next meeting – 8th January – EGM                               

5th February – Board meeting

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