Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Monday 15 April

Apologies: Paul I, Bill S.

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The end of season presentation will no longer take place to raise funds for the Kevin Lee Appeal. The Trust will contact the club with a view to arranging an event in its place after the Luton Town match.


2. Everton FC Lotteries

The Trust board was joined by Darrell Turton, the head of Everton FC Lotteries, which is looking to expand into areas such as Southport.

The Everton Lottery currently raises funds for Everton in the Community with a jackpot of £1,000 per week and two annual draws of £5,000. A number of local sports clubs and organisations, including Tranmere Rovers, are currently a part of Everton’s lottery.

The club has indicated that it would be happy for the Trust to pursue a lottery of its own and it was felt a partnership with Everton could be mutually beneficial.

Everton would canvass new memberships in Southport on behalf of the Trust and supporters would be able to join by standing order, both with a £1 weekly subscription. Donation starts at 60% of paid memberships which would include 40% to the Trust.

The running costs would be covered by Everton. The lottery in Southport would be specifically branded by the Trust with membership cards and advertising material.

The Trust would have to commit to a minimum term of one year. Everton would issue the Trust with a regular report and funds could be transferred to the Trust on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Initial thoughts were positive and the Trust board will consider the material provided by Darrell. Funds would be raised for a purpose such as ground improvements, which could include things like the planned cleaning of parts of the ground this summer.

The club will be contacted to Inform them of our plans and also ask  whether it is able release details of members from the former Goalden Lottery.

The views of Trust members to be sought before a final decision is made.


3. Treasurer’s Report

Total funds are currently £24,519, including net funds available of £24,428.

Next match signs this season have cost £560, while £137 has been paid for sponsorship of the club’s match updates service.

Income from new and renewed memberships since the start of July amounts to £1,474, while the season’s coaches have run at a loss of £500.


4. Memberships

Memberships are still around the 230 mark.


5. Heart monitors, cleaning of the Jack Carr Stand and other matters involving the club

The club has looked but has been unable to find the missing straps for the heart monitors. Colin A has contacted individuals who may be able to assist with providing the straps so the monitors can be sold.

Colin A will fix a date for the cleaning of the Jack Carr Stand this summer, starting with the toilets.


6. Board membership policy

Supporters Direct has sent out five policies to be adopted by Trusts for the smooth running of meetings etc. The policies have been sent around the Trust board and will be adopted.

Any members wanting to join the Trust board will be invited to step forward in the next few months so they can be voted on at the AGM.


7. Fundraising / social events

It is hoped the cricket match will take place around 21 July and enquiries will be made with the Rookery.

Julia U has spoken to the club about the possibility of a special pre-season kit which would be sponsored and auctioned off for charity. The club has said it will consider this suggestion.


8. Any other business

£3,505 has been raised this season for the Kevin Lee Appeal.

The club has recently filed its accounts, showing a loss of around £65,000 for the season 2011/12.


9. Next meetings

5 June (board).

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