Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 13 September

Apologies: Rob U, Julia U, Bill S, Paul I, Martyn O.

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


2. Treasurer’s Report

The Trust’s current balance is £23,971, with net funds available totalling £23,755.

The £10,000 placed in a fixed term deposit matured at the start of the month, earning £150 in interest.

The current bond offer is a nine-month deposit at a rate of 1.5%. Due to the likelihood of funds not being needed for the floodlights before then, it was agreed that £15,000 will be transferred into the term deposit which begins on 12 October. £168 will be earned in interest.

£685 has been generated through new memberships and renewals since the start of July.

Another 80 copies of the brochure marking the club’s record-breaking run of eight away wins last season need to be sold to break even.

£114 is currently held for future coach trips. A small profit of £78 has been made on coach travel so far this season.

3. Memberships

Membership currently stands at about 250.

4. Report from meeting with club on 25 August

The recent meeting between representatives from the Trust board and the club was described as positive.

The meeting focussed mainly on the floodlights project and the club’s share of the funds. The club had previously explained that funds need to be raised to meet their commitment to the project.

A number of ideas which had been raised by members at the last Trust meeting were discussed, including sponsorship, a new share issue, telephone masts, borrowing money and outsourcing the lottery.

A possible successor to the club’s Goalden Lottery was discussed at length. The club would not be keen to outsource the lottery, however the possibility of something like a “200 Club” will be explored. Martin R has produced some ideas of how the club might run such a lottery and these will be put to the club.

The next meeting with representatives from the club board will take place ahead of the match against Hereford United on 27 October.

5. Discussion with Haydn Preece about community projects

Haydn Preece was present at the meeting to discuss possible ways in which the Trust could become more involved in community initiatives with the club.

Haydn gave a detailed rundown of the club’s community activities. The club is in its third year of funding through the Premier League and PFA, with funding of £20,000 agreed for a fourth year. Any funding must be matched by the club, which it mainly provides itself.

Alan Moogan is currently the club’s only community coach and more schools want to use the programme.

Haydn would like the Trust to consider possible funding of another community coach and to help distribute 6,000 lanyards to primary school children in the town. He feels the lanyards can be used with a ticket or pass to encourage children to take advantage of the club’s free admission into home games.

The funding of a community coach would be £15 an hour for 10 hours a week.

Haydn is keen to increase supporters’ awareness of what the club does in the community and will attend the next members’ meeting to give a presentation.

6. Race Night

The Race Night will be held on 6 October following the home match against Nuneaton Town.

Tony Adams has agreed to host the event. A push on sponsorships for races, horses and jockeys will be made at the next three home matches. Liam Watson will be contacted to confirm the attendance of the players.

7. Other events and fundraising

Members will be asked at the next meeting when they would prefer the quiz night to take place. The choices are November or January / February.

It was suggested that the Trust could look into an initiative similar to the Kidderminster Harriers Trust in voting for a player or goal of the month. This would be something to involve members on a regular basis and help raise the profile of the Trust. It was agreed that the Trust will present a Player of the Month award starting in October, subject to agreement by Liam Watson and the club.

In the absence of a Player of the Season presentation last season, the Trust will approach the club in the hope of taking over the running of a similar event. Efforts will be made to reach an agreement in the next month so plans can be made and arrangements are not left until the end of the season.

8. Match updates

At the last members’ meeting it was agreed that the Trust would sponsor the club’s live match updates service for an initial month while further enquiries are made.

The service has been operating on a one-month free trial which ends on 22 September. The most cost-effective platform to use is provided by ScribbleLive, which offers a three-month introductory price of £20 per month, with a cost of £32 per month thereafter.

It was agreed that the Trust would sponsor this service for the whole season as part of its commitment to providing a benefit to members and the community.

9. Coach Travel

The Trust coach has run to all four of Southport’s away matches so far this season. As the coach to Hyde was full, supporters were able to travel at a reduced rate.

In an attempt to get the coaches to Newport County and Luton Town to run, a special offer of £50 for both trips will be available for members.

10. AOB

The benefit match in support of the Kevin Lee project takes place on Sunday. There is currently £1,672 in the separate account set up using the Trust mandate.

11. Next meeting

18 October (members).

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