Minutes Of Trust Board Meeting - 21 June 2012

All committee members present.  Jonathan O’Byrne was present for the first item.

Support for Kevin Lee - Jonathan O’Byrne presented an update from the group formed for fund raising for Kevin Lee.

Subject to confirmation that Kevin Lee wants a role within the club and the club want him, then the aim is to raise £3800 to fund this.

Money to be raised through events and donations/sponsorships.  A fund raising football match is  scheduled for September and an end of season event is also scheduled. An independent website has been designed and a domain name has been purchased. Bank accounts are in the process of being set up with Barclays using the TIY mandate to speed up proceedings.

T-shirts have been designed and a full launch is due for the end of June.

Minutes from previous meeting – TIY to follow up with the club regarding suggestion regarding Dave Ratcliffe. Run to Grimsby raised around £2500 which was fairly evenly split between TIY and help the Heroes. £522 has already been paid to HTH and the balance of around £720 will be forwarded shortly. Phil to arrange transfer and to investigate publicity shot with big cheque at PNE game

Treasurer’s report – balance stands at £23,524.91 including £10k due to mature from deposit account in September. It was advised that the brochure commemorating record away wins needs to sell another 90 to break even. DVD’s from the re-union are now available on general sale.

Memberships remains at the same as the previous meeting as most memberships don’t expire until August.

Floodlight project – TIY have received a mail from the chairman saying he is prepared to meet on the day of the AGM to discuss floodlights. This date will be announced shortly. Alan J to write a positive article on the Trust’s role in the project and fundraising exploits so far for the local press.

Cricket match – match will take place at the Rookery on 22nd July . Anyone wishing to play please contact Phil Carder and a donation would be welcomed to fund tea.

Fund raising – will finalise dates once fixture list comes out, but plans for a race night in Sept/Oct

Club shop at market – anyone wishing to volunteer their services please contact Haydn Preece. There will be an option to sell TIY merchandise.

Aims for 2012/13 – other than the floodlights, the trust would like to discuss what community schemes the club are involved in and if any additional help is required.  Haydn to be invited to next board meeting to discuss.

It was agreed to sponsor James Smith for the upcoming season.

Coach travel – following the issues with the trip to Grimsby, TIY have received a written apology from those involved. Alan S to write a warning letter to those involved about their behaviour and further reminders will go out about the terms and conditions for travelling on the coach.

Any other Business.             Rob to run a prediction competition again, but with a new twist.

Next meeting – 19th July open meeting.

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