Minutes of Trust AGM. 10th August, 2011

Minutes of Trust in Yellow AGM - Wednesday 10 August


Apologies: Paul Isenwater, Martyn O’Hara (board members) and a number of members who were unable to attend and had returned their ballot papers early.



1. Treasurer’s report and presentation of annual accounts


Phil Carder gave a detailed review of the Trust’s accounts and financial activities over the past five years. The Trust’s current balance stands at £16,020. A surplus of over £7,000 has been generated in the first six months of the current year, including the donation of £5,300 from the late Sally Devine. The Non-League History book has now sold out, generating around £3,300 for the Trust. The Trust currently holds 12,194 shares in the club, representing 4% of the club’s issued capital and making the Trust the fifth largest shareholder in the club.


2. Vote on the election of board members


Alan Scarisbrick and Martyn O’Hara were both re-elected to the board by unanimous vote, with James Treadwell of Moore & Smalley elected as auditor of the accounts.


3. Report on meetings with the club and progress with floodlights project


A meeting between representatives from the board of the club and Trust was held before the Everton match on 23 July. The discussion on the floodlights was described as constructive, with the club having obtained estimates from three companies to complete the work. A bid of around £100,000 has been registered with the Football Foundation, which Haydn Preece said will be considered at the next meeting of the Foundation. The Trust is expected to contribute around £25,000.


A series of questions which had been submitted by Trust members were reviewed ahead of the open forum organised by the Trust on 28 July. It was agreed that both boards will look to meet regularly in the future.


4. Former players’ reunion


The event will take place on 9 October at the Prince of Wales, with costs of £1,125 having been paid in advance. Geoff Wilde was thanked for his extensive work in contacting the former Football League players, the vast majority of whom have now been sent invitations. 500 tickets have been printed and payments received include a £250 donation to the Trust donation Bill Beadnell.


5. Other events


The cricket match between a Trust XI and players’ team on 31 July was a success. A race night has been provisionally arranged for 1 October, subject to the availability of Liam Watson and the players.


6. Coach travel


The Trust will again be using Elite Travel for away coach trips this season, having obtained quotes which overall were 18% below others received.


7. Supporters’ Direct Annual Conference


The event was attended last month by Phil Carder and Martin Robinson, with a number of workshops staged and material made available on issues relating to the running and development of supporters’ trusts.


8. AOB

The meeting was addressed by David Jackson and Keith Mitchell, who will now be assisting the club with communication and commercial activities. They will be looking to improve links with supporters, businesses and the local community, and said they were keen to work closely with the Trust.


9. Dates of next meeting

14 September (board), 6 October (members).

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