Minutes of the 'Trust In Yellow' AGM (19-8-10)

Apologies: Nick Catterall, Phil Carder, Ben Kelly, (Board members) and a number of members who were away on holiday and had returned their ballot papers earlier.

Treasurer's report and Presentaion of accounts

Although Phil was unable to attend he provided detailed notes on the accounts for the members present to peruse.

The main details are as follows:

Following previous year’s surpluses, the Trust incurred a deficit due to the expenditure on the reserve team. The costs of the reserve team equate to £11.694 and this has been converted into shares, which sits on the balance sheet.

The Trust has 6000 shares at present and are awaiting a further share certificate for 6194 shares bringing the total to 12,194 shares, some 4% of the club’s issued capital and the 5th highest shareholder.

Cash on hand equates to £8305.

 The accounts were unanimously accepted

Vote on the election of board members

The votes were undertaken for the election of board members. Rob, Phil and Paul I were all re-elected to the board with a majority outcome and Ben and Nick were additionally voted onto the board with majority outcome. James Treadwell of Moore & Smalley was duly elected as auditor of the accounts.

Vote on the two items which had gone out to ballot 

With reference to Item A on the ballot – to target a long term ground improvement project, the motion was passed with no votes against.

Item B on the ballot – to organise fundraising to support ‘Liam Aid’ failed to reach the two thirds majority with 30 votes for and 34 votes against.

Future meetings and discussions with the club

Following the votes, it was decided to contact the club to arrange a meeting as soon as possible to discuss plans for long term ground improvements. In Phil’s absence, Rob offered to contact the club. Martin would try and arrange a quote for a local floodlighting company with the club’s permission as one of the potential ground improvement options.

It was also requested that the board discuss with the club the poor state of the ladies toilets at the Scarisbrick End of the main stand.

It was noted that T.I.Y. Memberships have risen to 208.

Race Night. Saturday 18th September 

Race Night – the event has been arranged for Saturday 18th September starting at 6.30pm. The management and players have agreed to be present.

Four race sponsors have been found so far: 

Andy’s Café

Autograph Signs

Wignall’s Landscaping Contractors & Top Soil Specialists

The players

 Alan to approach Elite coach travel

 An overall sponsor at £50 is still being sought. Tickets are on sale at £1 to members and £2 to non members as are horses at £3 and jockeys at £2.

 Other Fund Raising and Events

It was noted that funds currently coming through memberships, the webshop, pledges, lottery commissions, remaining sales of books and brochures and the trust are looking for further options to generate funds.

The following events have been suggested:

Players re-union 2011

Evening with Graham Lloyd

Anyone with further suggestions or initiatives were asked to approach the trust.

Coach travel – coaches were run to the first two away games of the season, with 25 names booked for the latter at the time of the meeting.

It was also discussed that the trust would clarify the price of travel in that the initial price would be the maximum price charged. Reductions would be offered to those travelling if over 35 and 45 people travelled on the coach.

It was also suggested that we do further special offers again this season.

The Forest Green trip is set at a maximum of £25 and will depart at 10.30am from Haig Avenue.

Any other business

The meeting unanimously gave their thanks to Bernard O’Malley of 'Nationwide Produce' who was funding the advertising space in the Southport Visiter which the Trust have been allowed access to.

Next meetings 

The next board meeting is scheduled for 1st September

The next open meeting is scheduled for 14th October.

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