Minutes of T.I.Y. Board Meeting - Thursday 10th June 2010



Phil opened the meeting with details regarding the financial situation of the Trust.

The current balance currently stands at £12,700.

TIY had paid £300 to reserve a table at the Championship Dinner at Floral Hall to be sold on to members

The Non-League 24 Magazine summer edition had been received, the send-back system had been working and the trust had been receiving the appropriate credit due for the scheme.

It was also detailed that membership renewal money and pledge money was coming in and a number of pledges had already been made again for next season.

The 'Season To Savour' Brochure has been a big success

 Phil also confirmed £120 had been paid for the website hosting fee which covered TIY for the next two years.

 The annual Supporters Direct membership fee of £50 had been paid.

 Reserve Team Funding

 Phil wrote to Charlie Clapham on 22nd March chasing the outstanding share certificate.

Letter received dated 21st April from CC including the share certificate taking the total holding up to 6,000 shares.

Cost for the kit was £853.24 as per a detailed invoice, this TIY will pay.

The issue of the Reserve Team manager, currently Allan Smart was raised and further discussions would take place with CC before this invoice would be paid.


Martin raised the point that next week's AGM meeting would be an opportunity to discuss the Reserve team.

It should be stressed at the meeting that no blame should be put on TIY for any delay in a decision and that TIY had chased CC for a meeting and it was CC who was delaying any progress.

It was proposed for a post AGM meeting between the Trust and CC and SS who might otherwise be unavailable until the start of the new season.

 Phil was to contact CC about arranging this meeting.

 Club Accounts

Phil detailed the club accounts recently sent to SFC shareholders.  It was detailed that Pinewise as a limited company ran at break-even, that the outflow was consistent but worryingly the reserve of money which was previously there was diminishing year on year.


A few weeks ago Liam had contacted Rob about the possibility of the Trust giving additional funding in support of the first team.

Alan Jones proposed that if such a scheme was to be introduced that the money should be raised through a series of events, the idea of ‘Liam Aid’ as so successfully done by Tranmere Rovers was suggested by Ben K.

It was generally felt that we would get any agreement in writing before going ahead with anything as otherwise it was felt that it would be hard to ensure that the money raised would be spent on such a scheme.

It was suggested we discussed the idea with LW and any proposals would have to be agreed to by members.

Steve Montgomery

Rob had received communication from Steve Montgomery who had a business friend interested in helping to promote the club/TIY.

Steve's friend had proposed to advertise the 'next game' on the back of the Southport Visiter every week, which would come at a cost of £45 per week.

In return for our assistance we would have the TIY logo on the advert.

The proposal was approved by the board.

( TO CLARIFY THIS ITEM; T.I.Y. are NOT providing any money for this advert which will all be provided by Steve's friend). 

Player Sponsorship

It was agreed that TIY  would again sponsor a player at a cost of £150.


It was generally felt that TIY needed to do more events and with a wider variety.

The ‘One Man Football Show’ by Graham Lloyd is a possibility and TIY will be looking to confirm a booking once the fixtures are known, along with a race night early into the season.

The idea of the SFC vs Supporters Cricket Match was also raised as was a Golf Day.

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