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Minutes Of Meeting - 28/09/06

Att 11

Race night update is that all horses and jockeys have been sold and nine sponsors have been found, one for each race and an overall sponsor. So far 115 tickets have been sold.
Membership has now hit the 300 mark with membership now standing at 302. Cash at bank stands at £3250, with a further £254 in the paypal account, plus money from the race night and webshop still to be banked. However we are still awaiting monies from supporters direct for the setting up costs. Coach bookings for Oxford and Weymouth are sluggish at present and decisions will be made by the weekend as to whether they will go ahead. Race night plans are in hand. Enough volunteers have been sought to do the door and sell the horses.
The Irsh bingo will be run through the evening at £1 a ticket with the split being 25%, 15%, 10% for 1st , 2nd and 3rd respectively. The auction race will be split 50% to the winner and the balance to Trust In Yellow. Alan Scarisbrick has offered to help with the announcements along with Jon and Dave Pennington is arranging the race card. Prizes have been provided by Martin Bos at Southbank Rd Newsagent and JPG News and the club have promised to provide further prizes. Rob has arranged a float and all volunteers have been asked to turn up for 7pm.


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Minutes Of Meeting - 11/09/06

Att 18

The Trust will be holding a race night at the Grandstand Club on Saturday 30th September. Admission will be from 7pm onwards and will be via a purchase of a ticket. Tickets are priced at £1 in advance or £2 on the night. Tickets are available from Rob Urwin and the entrance fee is purely to cover the cost of food that is being put on.
The club has agreed that all the players and officials will be in attendance and press releases are in the process of being sent out to promote and market the event.
So far we have three race sponsors in Scarisbrick Hotel, Southport GB and Michael and Susan Reece. More sponsors are still available at a minimum of £25. Horses and jockeys are also on sale at £2 a go with a prize for the winner and the trust have already sold about 50% of those available. If anyone wishes to purchase a horse or a jockey, they will be available at the online shop shortly or from a trust member on matchdays. There is also a plan to incorporate Irish Bingo into the night.
Tote prices have been set at £1 per bet and the trust are still looking at finding companies to donate the prizes for the winning owners and jockeys.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 17/08/06

Att 16

Jon advised that Dave Chalmers has now given the trust the go ahead to write a regular column in the Visiter. Jon K has offered to write the articles and will submit a piece for next week's edition.

The new website - is up and running. There has been lots of positive feedback and the trust would like to thank Dave Cooper for his efforts in setting up a fantastic site. There is still room for additional content and the possibility of advertising

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Minutes Of Meeting - 19/06/08


Att 29
Committee members present: Paul G, Alan S, Rob U, Paul I, Julia U, Alan D, Phil C, Andy K.
Apologies sent on behalf of Brian & Carol Kipps

The meeting was opened with invitations to take the role of chair. No-one volunteered to take on the role, so Rob said he would continue to act as chair on a meeting by meeting basis until another volunteer stepped forward. Rob indicated that he did not wish to take on the role of chair. Alan Scarisbrick advised that he may be interested if no-one else was and would discuss at a later date.

Finances – Phil advised that the balance of the accounts stood at £10,899.43 of which £1500 accounted for deposits on the book. Phil advised that the bank mandate needs changing upon the appointment of a new chair. Also as a club shareholder the trust has had a letter requesting to increasing the shareholding by £400.

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Minutes Of Meeting - 03/08/06

Prior to last Saturday's game, membership stood at 191. Since then the trust have had a large number of subscriptions and membership has risen to 229, which is well above target. Phil provided an updated income and expenditure account. The bank balance stands at £2513.92 and includes the expenditure on the world cup sweepstake and the commission from the buy at webshop, plus new membership. The paypal is operational, but without Dan, we are struggling to access this account. The bank has asked for further identity verification and now requires Rob and Jon's share certificate. In addition Phil advised that he is still trying to claim the grant from Supporters Direct for setting up costs.

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