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Advertising at Southport Station

Over the past two years Trust In Yellow has been successful in erecting ‘Next Match’ signs in various sites. We are delighted to say that working with Haydn Preece a site has now been secured on Southport station. This will not
only be excellent for advertising future matches but also T.I.Y. and other club news.
Phil Carder went down to Chapel Street for T.I.Y. to meet the station manager, Mike Keating. He has agreed to let us have the use of an existing sign just to the right of the passenger exit.

It is the one with the ‘Park or Ride’ information on in the picture and is already conveniently painted in yellow!!

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Disabled Facilities

As you are aware, we have been working for some time to explore ways in which the club could improve facilities for our disabled supporters in wheelchairs. On Wednesday 6th May, Matt Cochlin from Bentley Fielden Ltd in Todmorden brought over a mobile lift to Haig Avenue to see if it would be suitable to lift wheelchairs into the main stand as NADS (National Association for Disabled Supporters) feel this would be a much more inclusive way of providing improved accommodation for disabled supporters rather than building separate cover.
Alan Scarisbrick, Phil Carder and Martin Robinson were present as was Haydn Preece from the club. Everyone was very impressed with the lift and the next stages are to cost any changes needed to be made to the stand and to see if these changes would be acceptable to Authority safety officers. 

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Minutes Of Society Board Meeting - 23rd April 2009

Attendees: Phil C, Alan S, Martin R, Bill S, Paul I, Rob U, Julia U,
Apologies: Alan D, Alan J, Paul G, Andy K
Accounts – Phil advised that that he had received a virus on his computer which has corrupted the records for the accounts. He has advised that he will not have the accounts re-formatted and ready for sign off for the initial AGM date and the AGM will be put back to a later date. The accounts have to be with the FSA by the end of August and Phil advised that the date would not be an issue.
 The balance of the account stands at £15030.06 and includes some money from the TIY anniversary event which made £514.70 on the night. It was agreed to donate £350 to Steve Haw’s charity. TIY would like to thanks Rob and Julia for their efforts in coordinating these events.
 There is a prize of £50 to pay out for the prediction competition and TIY had raised £733 from two recent U-18 band nights. TIY would like to thanks Paul G for his efforts in arranging these events. Bank interest is accumulating at 0.05% on the deposit account. It was also noted that membership of Supporters Direct had accidently lapsed and the documents had been completed with a cheque ready to be sent off.
Membership currently stands at 202 and Bill Sloan has agreed to take the role of membership secretary and Rob will liase with the handover.
The aim will be to create a new membership pack which re-iterates TIY’s aims and objectives, includes an achievements list, a questionnaire and role for junior members. It was also suggested to create an A4 leaflet with similar information and hand out for the start of the season.

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Minutes Of Open Meeting - 19/03/09

Committee members present: Alan S, Rob U, Julia U, Phil C, Martin R, Alan J, Alan D, Paul G, Andy K.

Matters arising from previous meetings: The seats are still at Peter Rigby’s house. There has been movement on the house but there is no time-scale on when any possible transaction may take place. Paul Glendenning has offered his basement as a temporary measure. The Trust has been advised that a Portakabin to store the seats in would cost in the region of £6000. A garage type structure could be built for around £750 and also used for storing additional items. Haydn Preece wants future accountability meetings to be open to all Trust members


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Minutes of Society Board Meeting - 5th February 2009

Present: Paul Isenwater, Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Alan Drury, Alan Scarisbrick, Phil Carder, Martin Robinson
Apologies: Alan Jones, Paul Glendenning

Matters arising from previous minutes:
Harrogate letter- the trust has received a reply back from the conference, but no response from Harrogate. The reply from the conference acknowledged the letter and advised that all the clubs had received notification on standard procedures for this kind of event. Phil had drafted a follow up letter, which was signed by Alan Scarisbrick and will be forwarded to Harrogate.
Flyers- the trust have received a copy of an order form, but no invoice.

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