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Members' Meeting. Thursday, 24th March

A reminder that there is a meeting on Thursday, 24th March at 7-30pm in the Grandstand Bar.

This is open to ALL members. 


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Travel to Away Matches

Trust In Yellow is hoping to encourage as many members as possible to travel to the last vital away matches to give the team vital support. We have reduced our prices to as low a level as practical in the hope of attracting at least 35 people on each trip. 

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Minutes of Board Meeting. 24th February

Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 24 February

Apologies: Paul I

1.Minutes of previous meeting

The Trust has looked into the possibility of publishing a brochure in memory of Sally Devine with a collection of her photographs. The likely cost of printing 200 brochures is £660 if laminated, £360 non-laminated. There are many photos which the Trust does not currently have and further enquiries about obtaining these will be made before deciding whether to publish a brochure.

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Minutes of Trust Members' Meeting on Thursday, 3rd February

Minutes Of Trust Members' Meeting -3rd February 2011

All committee present

Minutes of previous meeting – nothing arising that wasn’t covered elsewhere on the agenda.

Finances – account stands at £10,135 of which £459 is accounted for in advance payments. Insurance has been renewed, next match signs have cost £500 so far this season. Coach travel shows a £15 loss for the season with an average of 35 people per trip.

Membership – currently 197, upsurge after the FA Cup draw, a lot of memberships have been due for renewal recently and as we have a 75% renewal rate thus anticipate further membership uptake.

Meeting with the club:

Martin R outlined the detail in the meeting with the club with the following main points:

The club have received a 3 yr block funding of 12K per year to continue the schools & community project with the balance matched by the club. This will be mainly sourced by after schools clubs and soccer schools.

Money from the recent transfers of Duffy and Noone to Scunthorpe and Brighton has not been received yet and the latter may take some time to come through given Plymouth’s difficulties, but as a footballing creditor we will eventually receive this payment, unless the club goes bankrupt.

Floodlights – Trust representatives had been shown several quotes the club have received for 4 corner floodlights which will meet League 2 standards(350 Lux). Costs will be a maximum of around 80K before VAT (which is recoverable by the club). Grants from the Football Foundation currently are set at 20%, but at a meeting this month this is expected to rise to 50% and the club will be submitting an application on this basis.

Planning application approved previously, so not anticipated to be a problem this time. Floodlights to be installed pre-season this summer and the Trust will fund 50% of the outstanding cost (subject to grant levels and affordability). Our share will be a maximum of £20,000 with some payment up front on completion of the work and the balance over 12 months after completion. Discussions about receiving shares in respect of this are still ongoing. 

The Club have had further preliminary plans produced to re-develop the ground including the covering of the popular side and the Blowick end and this partly may be funded through a further share issue, grants, etc;.  

Events – players re-union – the original booking with the Floral Hall has been released as it was deemed insufficient time to organise. It was unclear what needed to be done in respect of organising an event like this and it was agreed to invite Geoff Wilde to the next board meeting to discuss this. Geoff has organised these events in the past. 

Quiz and end of season party – provisionally scheduled for Tuesday 26th April. Liam has agreed to arrange a team of four (including himself and at least one player) who will compete against a team of four supporters. The supporters’ places will be auctioned off prior to the event. Rob is preparing the questions and there will also be auctions and raffles on the night which coincides with the trust’s 5th Anniversary. 

Race night – provisionally planned for September. 

Coach travel – 40 booked for trip to Altrincham. There is a potential deal on the Mansfield and Hayes trip of £40 for both trips. This is subject to the Mansfield fixture going ahead as the date is scheduled for a round of the FA Trophy in which they are still involved.

Eastbourne Weekender – Martyn advised we have had an excellent uptake on this. 34 people have placed deposits with a further four confirming they will pay at the next games. Martyn is currently looking into the possibility of arranging a discount with the hotel for those who wish to make their own way there as there has been substantial interest. 

Income streams – the TIY webshop currently has over £60 worth of commissions.

                              Steve Wignall has switched his goal pledge from Danny Lloyd to Karl Ledsham.

                            Due to the unfortunate passing away of Sally Devine, Julia has been approached by the Champion newspaper to provide photographs for them. Julia has suggested that instead of payment to herself, the Champion would make a donation to the trust and discussions are ongoing. 

AOB – As mentioned previously, the trust would like to pass on their condolences to the family of Sally Devine and are investigating the possibility of producing a brochure of Sally’s work, with profits donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Next board meeting – 24th Feb

Next Members meeting – 24th March

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Meeting, Thursday,3rd February

There is a meeting open to all members on Thursday, 3rd February at 7-30pm in the Grandstand Bar.

There will be a full report of the meeting which was held on Saturday between representatives of the Trust and the club board.  

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