Minutes Of Meeting 24/01/08

Att 22
Committee members: Alan S, Paul I, Andy D, Jon OB, Julia U, Andy K, Paul G, Paul OB, Phil C
Apologies: Rob U, Alan D

Finances – approx £850 was raised through the sponsored walk. The account balance stands at £9486 with sponsored money and band night event money to be added. Payments have been made for office materials, internal PA system and the fitness tests. Phil also advised that we had not received a bill for the sponsored tracksuits for the juniors yet. Phil advised that he had the audit file ready from last year’s accounts and this year’s accounts are due to end on 31st January.
Coach travel – recent turnouts has been disappointing on coaches and there is currently a loss on coach travel of around £400. The next coaches have been well promoted and the discussion about a better quality coach was mooted, but there would be significant additional costs associated with switching. A whiteboard was suggested for the trust office for promotion of the coaches.

The book – tear off slips for the book were due to go into the Visiter this weekend. Subscriptions currently stand at around 130. Rob has planned to do a print run of 500 although that is open to an increase if subscriptions rise. Geoff and Michael’s book had a print run of 1000 and sold out. Printing costs are around £7.50 with a retail price in the region of £12.95. The cut off for material is end March with a launch date of end July/early August. Jon advised that there may be some funding from supporters direct and further discussion would be raised at the next meeting.

External PA system – Steve W has had a quote for 11 speakers for £850. Steve has offered to supply labour and Peter OB to help with the electrics. The plan is for the club to pay any bills, so they can claim back the VAT and the trust to repay in terms of a grant. This was put to a vote and the majority agreed to proceed.

Directional signs – although the signs should have gone up in the third week of December, they have still not been erected. This task is in the hands of third party subcontractors and is out of the trust’s hands. The total costs have been billed directly to the Southport area committee.

Sponsorship of re-router – Colin has asked for sponsorship of a re-router in order to provide updates from away games. We understand that he has had a couple of approaches, but if nothing comes of this, the trust will discuss the possibility of sponsoring.

Photo for TIY building – Jon asked for some publicity photos for the TIY building and anyone who could help out should be at the shop for 2.30 on Saturday.

It was also suggested that we discuss what future projects the trust would like to undertake.
The following ideas were brought up:
Reserve team football – it was advised that as the club had advised that the reserves would not be able to use Haig Ave as it would ruin the pitch, it was suggested that the cost of hiring an alternative venue would be prohibitive.
Catering infrastucture
Disabled enclosure – advised that the football foundation could provide up to 95% of the cost
Cover for the away end
Improvements to the grandstand bar

Jon was going to promote and it was suggested that we put a suggestion box in the trust office.

Grandstand bar – Paul G advised that the boots that had been sent to Uganda had not been released by the authorities yet and the Ugandan revenue have asked for a further £200 to release the shipment. It was agreed to pay this money, but no further sums. There are more shirts to send, which will be sent via an alternative method in future.
The last two band nights have raised £362 of which the last one was a sell out. The trust take the admission money from these events. Paul G advised that he was hoping to do up to 3 events per month, although the performers at the U-18 events had asked to donate the money to a children’s charity.
It was recommended that any profits from these vents would go to the equipment and refurbishment of the grandstand club.
Paul advised that Alan D was working on promoting in the national gig guide and would link it to the trust website.
Paul was asked to provide a wish list and costs for equipment for grandstand bar
(i.e mics, stage, DJ booth)

Question of Sport – Tony Adams has offered to do a question of sport evening with either past v present players or players v managers. A provisional date of Saturday 1st March has been put forward.
Murder Mystery evening – Alan S is looking at running a murder mystery evening. Cost would be around £100 and it was hoped to run the event in April and potentially have a hot pot supper included. Alan then plans to write his own feature based on club officials.
Mastermind – again it is hoped to run a mastermind event. The contestants would have a specialist subject on a decade of SFC history and then general questions on football.
Next meeting – Thursday, 28th February at 7.30pm in the Grandstand Bar.

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