Minutes of Meeting – 14/12/06

Att 19

Updates – membership now stands at 322

Finance – balance of the bank account stands at £4185, all signs/coaches paid for and cheque for shares has been sent, but not cashed yet and no certificate has been received yet. No monies yet received from Supporters Direct.


Webshop – so far we have received a total of £187.88 in cheques. There is just over £52 in commissions to be authorised and a cheque is expected for around £40 by the end of December.

Next match signs – we are having problems removing the labels. We have since found out that the manufacturer has put the wrong adhesive on the labels and we hope to get this corrected by the Morecambe game. The signs for the club are ready and should be put up soon.

Golf day – Paul I has spoken to Hurlston Hall and has got a quotes for prices. Current prices are midweek £39 for golf and two course meal(£44 for three course) this also includes coffee and bacon butties, Weekend prices are £44 and £52 respectively. These were 2006 prices and we await for further information as to next year’s prices. A weekend event would have to be worked around club competitions.

Seat storage – we are looking at a couple of alternatives for gaining containers. There are 10ft containers on Ebay, but the cost of delivery is excessive. We are also enquiring about a container at Leaf UK.

Road signage – Jon has also drafted an article for the press. The aim is to publish in the first week of Jan, which is generally a quiet time in the press. Jon has contacted all the clubs in the league about their signage. There was a mixed reaction as to how they were funded, some were council funded, some split the costs and others were getting nowhere with the council.
Football foundation funding for road signage was stopped in January this year.

Goalden lottery – the trust plans to act as an agent for the goalden lottery and will get commissions on all subscriptions and winnings. Dan is to set up a standing order form and we will try through the website, new members, newsletter etc The plan is to get it up and running in the new year.

PA system – Enquiries have been made into setting up a one off PA system. However the cost is excessive and we have been told that council regulation do not allow us to put on enetertainment on the pitch during matchdays. However it is hoped that Southport Community Radio might be able to do an outside broadcast from Haig Avenue at some stage.

Trust week – plan to tie in with the Exeter away game as well and the programme sponsorship deal has now been agreed for the York game.

Potential new project – It has been suggested that we look a producing a non league book either in conjunction with 10 yrs since Wembley or 30 yrs of Non-League football. Rob has a lot of information already on his website and a feasibility study will be undertaken as we are aware that this could be a big job.

AOB – funding for the minibus – Dan suggested various options such as a standing order form to donate money, a paypal donation button on the home page, an ebay account to auction items, sponsor a goal, car boot sale. Jon will speak to Haydn to try and find out the exact costs for the minibus.

Feedback from the kids Christmas party was very positive and it was recommended that TIY get more involved next year. It was also recommended that Sandy the Lion should make an appearance next year.

Programmes – we have been advised that the club have little use for donated programmes, so TIY are quite keen to take on this role and will co-ordinate with Mick. There may be possibilities to sell in the new trust building and via e-bay.
Due to John K’s absence, we have no further information on any potential Christmas party and we assume due to the timescale that this is now not going ahead.

Next meeting is 7.30pm, 11th January at the Grandstand Club(venue still to be confirmed)

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