1. Apologies for absence

Colin, Katrina

2. Matters arising from last meeting

The meeting with the club has been re-arranged for Saturday 15th February following the postponement of the Braintree match. A next match sign will be placed outside Karen Potter estate agents on Hill Street. The sponsored walk in memory of Paul Comstive was a success and the refreshments provided were appreciated by the walkers.

3. Treasurers report

The Trust’s balance currently stands at GBP25,476. A total of GBP15000 remains in a six month fixed rate deposit which will yield interest of GBP130 when it matures in April. The sum of GBP1,604 has been raised from membership renewals and donations since June. The cost of next match signs for the first 18 games and new sponsor signs has amounted to GBP420.

4. Membership

Membership stands at 225 with 37 of those new members, many of them juniors who have joined on away trips.

5. Meeting with the club

As mentioned above this has now been re-arranged. Items due for discussion include floodlights, community coaching and the Asset of Community Value.

6. Fundraising

Martin reported that GBP2.98 has been raised so far from Easyfundraising and Easysearch with the Trust receiving half a penny every time a search is made. This has now been promoted on the Trusts website so with more supporters signing up this could be a decent annual fundraiser. Also promoted on the website is the Co-op energy scheme whereby the Trust will receive GBP25 for each supporter referred to their dual fuel tariff. It was also agreed to pursue the buy a brick scheme.

7. New website/other social media

The website continues to be updated on a regular basis. The Twitter account maintained by Colin now has 514 followers.

8. Coach travel

A special offer double header has been advertised for the Forest Green and Woking games at GBP45. This would require 36 people travelling. Unfortunately poor form on the pitch and cheap train tickets to the long distance games has meant that not many coaches have run lately.

9. Player of the month/fan of the season

Danny Hurst won the January player of the month award by a clear margin and will be presented with this before the Salisbury game. There have been quite a few nominations received for fan of the season.

10. Any other business

The possibility of a balloon race was discussed although nothing was agreed going forward at this point.

11. Dates of next meetings

Thursday 20th March - Members

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